IMG_0832.jpgAnd ‘It’ is hardly a ‘thing’. ‘It’ is everything/nothing that cannot be properly described with words, ever. Identity is basically looking for a place to hang out if the ego, a self-manufactured entity, is to find a way to exist. Fiction and suspension of Reality through a fantasy belief system, is the ticket for the need for identity.

GP2C3598.jpg‘No’ identity is the reality. Belief, an artificially altered state of consciousness, goes hand-in-hand with the ego, to create a failed system of illusion and delusion. Control is created to further the illusory trap. ‘Control’ is another unnecessary design addition that aggravates the appearance of the ego. ‘Control’ is superfluous to Being. Control begets and presumes separation. Separation is not in Being’s repertoire due to it’s uselessness/falseness.

And other design elements like ‘pushing’, and deliberate ‘not seeing’, and fear, aggravate the flaws and obfuscate the Reality of ‘no identity’. Unload these elements and the beautiful design and effortlessness are revealed. How could it be otherwise?!

The mind, in the mean time, is loading up all kinds of ridiculous thoughts. If we were to broadcast the actual thoughts thought on Twitter, we would all look pretty crazy/sick. The repetitiveness, the irrationality, and the addiction to concepts is truly abhorrent. Our editing is another distortion that keeps hidden the trove of nonsense. Opening all that up would be confronting fear which rules our fragile imaginary ego, suppressing Reality with it’s falseness.

Do we have to think so much, so constantly, so nonstop? What would the loss be if we just stopped. If we stopped just a large enough amount to see the difference in our overcommitment to Bravo Sierra, would we increase the quality of our life in the Moment?

There is nothing like reality to test this out. Suffering, per the Buddha, is distributed into three basic parts, i.e. greed, aversion (hate, anger, separation), and delusion. Our getting caught in these sub-structures of consciousness is equivalent to being in an awful prison. It just doesn’t feel good. Continued immersion evokes patterns that create circuits in our brains that turn these structural responses into traits that define us more than we would like. We repeat and repeat and further the investment in unconsciousness.

The bottom line is we are then ‘unplugged’. We are unplugged from whom we really Are into some Frankenstein that was created by unnatural means. And we’re scary, too.

GP2C3584.jpg“God is in all men, but all men are not in God; that is why we suffer.” Ramakrishna

 GP2C3585.jpgPlugging back in is as simple and as difficult as letting all that jazz go. Addiction, conditioning, and changes in our physical brain coopt an easy return to Self.

First, it is always contra-indicated to push unskillfully. The quicksand of pushing buries us quickly in a heartbeat. “Seeing” is the ticket from start to “I’m finally done with all that.” The desire for liberation from this perennial prison, is a useful desire, as long as the desire is not addictively overused. Transferring addictions is not uncommon here.

“Seeing” can be facilitated through mindfulness of the mind and more awareness of all thoughts all the time (with Awareness which is always Present, beyond the limitation of mind). The knowledge of identifying with thoughts, ideas, beliefs and ‘thinking’ can stop the drop into unconsciousness. Furthermore, digging ourselves out of this morass challenges us more immediately due to issues of where would we go (and hideout)?

There is no place to go. That’s the ticket. Identity is in the emptiness of form and not the form. Are we willing to take this journey?! It’s like nowhere man. And it is everywhere at the same time. It is called Home.

See the mind, ID Awareness, and plug back in effortlessly by seeing away the dross of ego and lifelong patterns of depreciation of Self. The container of the Moment is the only place where clarity can be full. Reside there, fully. All Moments are equally full.

GP2C3593.jpgThe nothingness of Space is Everything we Are. And We Are already plugged in, right Now. When clarity is full, Seeing is effortless Being. Being Is. That is enough.

This Iz Daddy’O

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