GP2C3633.jpgWelcome home. We never left.

We’re like Millennials that never left the house.

So why all the discomfort? Those loans are onerous, aren’t they? Apart from that,and getting a good job, there is the identity issue. You know you are in the wrong place and time, when the three markers of suffering are constantly pressing on the doorbell.Greed, hate, and delusion are not builders of harmony. Contrarily, they build walls of separation and fear.

But what does identity have to do with that tripartite of imbalance?

The root cause of shifting into this commonplace of mutuality of suffering, is the ‘forgetting’ the ‘real’ identity of ‘nothingness’ and ‘everythingness’ and connection to every thing. We have lost the signal to properly communicate with Ourselves.’We’ are still there with the Ineffable, even with a compromised signal. However, the ‘interference’ precludes the download of constant streaming open-hearted awareness. This is the broadcast signal that is truly high definition. The signal we normally maintain, is more like mid-90’s internet dial up.

For instance, when we stop the ‘pushing’ and the ‘doing’ for a minute, where is it that we fall back to? Barring racing thoughts and extreme psychosis, we lay back into our default ‘pause’ state that help us gather our wits and refresh a tad. This ‘backdrop’ is always there. We are so familiar with It in It’s normalness, that we overlook it and take it for granted. Stop the ‘pushing’. ‘It’ never ‘pushes’ but yet allows ‘pushing’. It is a ‘space’ that is comfortable without us having to do anything to qualify for ‘It’. It is always there, a default space that allows us in any time. Being there takes no effort.

GP2C3642.jpgContrast the ‘above’, with the ego and the ‘pushing’ of ‘our’ agenda. Do we ever stop ‘pushing’ for something? We ‘push’ right past the freedom to ‘Be’ in ‘that’ Moment. Thoughts of past and future are both a direction away from “What Is”. Reactive thinking is ego/mind/conditioning that distorts reality. It’s investment in it, translates into mis-identity. We believe the hyperbole of ‘me’. ‘Our’ agenda belongs to the fantasy of ‘me’.

GP2C3638.jpgConclusion. Follow the ‘pushing’ back to the effortlessness of Now. The space that gives constantly even when we push past It, Is always here. Can we effortlessly stop the ‘pushing’?

Our true default state in It’s humbleness, It’s quietness, and It’s non -assertiveness; is the Energy we are really looking for to Be in harmony with Self. It has all the characteristics that enable integration versus separation/fear. See that.

There was no need to ‘think’ that we left, was there?

The overuse of ‘thinking’ and the separation that all that caused, gave us greed, aversion, and delusion. Delusion is still here trying to come in the back door. Vigilance and constant integrated awareness are necessary to stay on the gilded path.


The suffering of separation put us in a virtual prison, chained to reactivity and fear. We signed up for this when we lost our consciousness of whom we really Are. We traded down for the specious aggrandizement of the ‘parade’ once the natural connection was broken.

In the ’state’ that is perennially present, we can acknowledge It’s veracity by ’seeing’ and nourishing It’s inherent stability and peaceful demeanor. What would we be without it?

Start and return to this energy first in every Moment. It Is ‘there’ that substance and realization of whom we Are resides. The ‘telling’ is in the ‘Being’.

GP2C3627.jpgBe effortlessly Now. ‘Pushing’ is a sign of ‘pushiness’ and hardened density of energy. There is no ‘pushing’ in this effortless quality of Energy.

“Most people don’t live aware lives. They live mechanical lives, mechanical thoughts — generally somebody else’s — mechanical emotions, mechanical actions, mechanical reactions.”                                    Anthony De Mello

See the backdrop, Be the spaciousness of Everything and Nothing. It Is. Start Now.

This Iz Daddy’O

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