GP2C3726.jpg’Seeing’ is not so much external as it is an inside job. The ability to ’see’ is wholly contingent on the obstacles we have removed from our internal eyes. Occlusions, of having it our way and believing in a process as locked down in one particular way, as the only valid reality, bind us to an artificial ceiling that keeps us from being expansive. That lack of expansiveness precludes a greater understanding of our own life, self-imposed limitations, as well as a deep connection to everyone and every thing.

GP2C3728.jpgIn the above scenario, boundaries versus an unboundedness, serve us as our guides. This speaks to a simplistic black/white fundamentalism that heralds inflexibility and righteousness. That is, that our way is best, despite evidenced-based data at our fingertips and in our faces. Inability to change is self-imprisonment.

GP2C3702.jpgDenial of climate change is an example. The gist of arguments suggest that imposition of limits on fossil fuels gives a reflexive ‘cost of clean’ argument, that buries quality of life issues (e.g. increased asthma from air pollutants) for specious savings. The savings is basically transferring the health care ramifications to another sector. The integrity of the argument is essentially choosing to ignore parts of reality.

GP2C3708.jpgWhen we set ourselves up with artificial and unnecessary boundaries, we choose to ignore reality. Reality is unbounded. Check your telescope.

GP2C3712.jpg’Seeing’ is witnessing our ‘stuckness’ in perception. Limited perception due to our blinding attachment to ‘our’ way, is a silly way to express ourselves. We advertise our extremism in thinking when we cannot ’see’ the larger perspective. It becomes “Me, me, and me.” Too much narcissism is not good for the goose or the gander.

The selflessness of ’Space’ itself is an overarching built-in design element of the universe. Truly, there is room for every thing and everyone, without exception. Is it possible to follow this example of no boundaries?

This challenge refers, again, to the internal processing we do in defining and identifying whom we think we Are. External boundaries are essentially in the ‘parade’. If our internal, abides in the parade too much, we lose our perspective and get stuck on some fancy float. This choice cannot sustain a wider perspective of the parade and the parade’s position to everything else, is lost.

Again, it is what is going on in the inside first, that has direct consequences for our perspective.

Anger may be a useful illustrative emotion that reveals a refusal to accept “What Is” while continuing to assert itself without a reality check. Generating and harboring anger is one thing. However, ’Seeing’ anger when it is present on the inside is
transformative when ’Seeing’ becomes more powerful than the movement in anger itself. The ‘issue’ that wrought the anger itself can be more clearly seen and reconciled when that ‘thunder’ is dissipated into abiding and accepting this emotion without the need for implementation.

This freeing resulting from the utility of ’Seeing’ is the stepping stone of getting past ourselves, especially the self that we ‘think’ we are. ’Seeing’ can go past the thinking, allowing the boundaries to shift out as the obstacles get removed.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. “— Viktor Frankl

Transformation is letting go of our occlusions that ‘over-thinking’ has wrought. The reactions generated by self-imposed limitation can be changed in situ when we can observe the knee-jerk reaction in time before it ramps up and overpowers us. ’Seeing’ constantly is a practice that must be practiced effortlessly. The power to ’See’ clearly is so much more important than getting our way. ‘Our way’ is separation and distortion. ’See’ where we are stuck and the reaction becomes true action.

GP2C3721.jpgTransformation is always possible if we slow the rush down a tad in order to ’See’ and enjoy the parade without getting on the float of limitation. See the parade and see the Space that gives to the parade. Space is boundless and generous beyond knowing. See That. Be That.

This Iz Daddy’O

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