GP2C3735.jpgWe bought it in a state of fear and quest for survival (of the ego). The fear and survival mind-set still persist in this moment, alive and unwell and mostly unrecognized.

The familiarity of watching your back is so regular, its like family, but a fear-based family. It is built-in like a cabinet. It is always there. How could it be regarded as temporary and groundless idea, when in perceived reality it appears to continually persist and heralds individuality as it’s benchmark of separateness?! The persistence surely is persistent but that does not make it real.

IMG_0911.jpgIndividuality is there validly but secondarily to the Oneness. It is when individuality reigns above ‘Everything’ that we fail as human beings.

How could this misidentification be a mistake?! The world’s dysfunction and dystopian separateness say it loud and clear.

GP2C3738.jpgWe invest, continually, the 86400 moments in a day, everyday on this nonsense?! Just because everyone else supports the a priori of individuation/separation, does not necessarily mean that it is valid. What is valid is the universal desperation and willingness to wage war on ourselves because of color, language religion, and whatever other differences we over-emphasize, in order to get ahead of the pack.

We wage war on drugs and our children through incarceration so we can control them and affirm our intolerance for deep introspection of where the source of the problem is. The easy answer usually is another superficial idea.

GP2C3686.jpgAnd, damn the environment because it too needs to be controlled because it has been declared as separate from us. We’ll use it and exploit it until it won’t give anymore.

Who we think we are is not whom we really Are. The distasteful outcome of dysfunctionality should clue us into all that.

“We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.”      ― Thich Nhat Hanh

This ‘idea’ is only an inept attempt to squander resources for a bottomless ego bound for nowhere. The end of separateness is delusion and confusion. The starting point of unity is thrown away like yesterday’s garbage. Our reptilian brain is put into fight or flight. We lose access to our executive functions of the prefrontal cortex and behave worse than animals. Our amygdala is constantly being sourced.This type of survival is based on separateness as a starting and endpoint. The extraction of the connectivity and harmony of Oneness is not given a second thought.

GP2C3733.jpgIdeas are incomplete shorthand on reality. When we give an overage of reliance on an idea, we trade-in clarity and the unified field of consciousness. An idea can never be large enough to contain even an infinitesimal part of the universe.

Belief clings. See that. Acceptance of a greater Self within Us first and always, is something that the mind cannot grasp because of it’s limited vocabulary of ‘things’. ‘Being’ is not a ‘thing’. The mind wants to nail a stake in the sky but the sky won’t allow it. The ’sky’ cannot be nailed. It Is.

Be That. ’That’ is enough.

This Iz Daddy’O

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