GP2C3773.jpgOur default idea of whom we think we are, is constantly pushing forth the manufactured idea of self. Can we see it? It is so ‘there’, so ingrained, that to see it, is to perhaps engage in a little struggle, due to the ubiquitousness of the idea of a ‘doer’. The space to see it, is so full of the distorted idea of ‘self, that we ‘believe’ there can be no more space left after we have manufactured our ’self’. Belief in limitation is another problem we may add to our deluded mix of ideas.

GP2C3784.jpgImplicit in this limited idea of ‘self’ is the overt sense of separateness, a truly false sense of separateness. Our deluded definition of ‘self’ is first and foremost, a separate being, distinct and independent of others. The ‘feeling’ we get when we abide so convincingly in this tempest of an idea, is unsettling given the limited bandwidth we have chosen.There is an incompleteness that haunts us. We are never fully sated and seek ‘something’ to abate this feeling of not being fulfilled. We chase this fundamental delusion to no satisfactory end, in most cases.

GP2C3810.jpgIf we desire to communicate with other people, animals, trees, etc., we often gear up and prepare with a forethought or two, on what we are going to say and how to say it.Some situations, of course, may necessitate and justify this course of action. But in too many transactions we have with others, we over-do all that, and we create an artificial situation that has an inherent discomfort level. Additionally, this loading, takes us out of the Moment, complicating communication and causing a ‘not really there’ kinda transaction.

If we say, “I want to talk to this tree”, we already have lost ourselves to separateness and artificialness. Since the connection is already there, there is no need to ramp up and create unnecessary distance. Being here means ‘here’ locally and non-locally with all beings. Ideas of separateness, just separate.

GP2C3815.jpgConversely, if we had ‘connected’ to Ourselves and maintained ‘Ourselves’ throughout the communication process, we would naturally and effortlessly, have compounded fantastic energy exchanges. Immersion in the vastness of Nothingness and infinite potential of Space first, informs us infinitely more than some random or not so random,thought process.
Ideally, thoughts would be be ancillary to all ‘That’.

“Non-local” identity is the unfolding of Self, unabated by the dictatorship of Us pushing an illusory ‘something ’that has no real substance or reality. Non-local is both local and non-local. It is the “What Is” without regard to time and space.

“Consiousness is non-local and does not depend on words to communicate.” -Bernie Siegel

Non-local Being is always sourcing the Space that is everything. It Is non-stop because it Is non-stop in continuity. It is only Us that obfuscates it’s beauty and fullness, and continual flow. Separateness is an idea that has no reality. Recognizing and hanging in that space and time of non-local awareness, accesses “What Is” Now and always. This is the true starting point. And endpoint.

GP2C3799.jpgFollowing one’s Soul’s code is facilitated by immersion of identity in Being first. Misplacing identity in our temporary container of self only exacerbates the struggle to Be. We Are both, permanent and temporary, Beingness and ‘this lifeness’. Being with ‘Being’ is recognizing our permanence in every single Moment. This translates, in practice, to less ‘doing’ by the perceived ‘doer’ and more effortlessness of Being a funnel for the entire Universe and It’s movement as Cause.

To ‘locate’ identity in the Formless versus form is to have the difference between heaven and earth.  ID and Be ‘That’, effortlessly and always.

GP2C3817.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O

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