IMG_0945.jpgWhy even the question? Will the owner please step up. Oh, the ‘doer’ ‘thinks’ it owns the thoughts because who else could? But where is the ‘doer’? Can the ‘doer’ be apart from the thoughts? Or are the thoughts part of the ‘doer’?

IMG_0944.jpgThe ‘doer’ is the false self which cannot really exist despite our pleas for it’s reality. The existential question of whom we Are is threatening to the idea of self. The insecurity of ‘we’ being just an idea is just too much to let go of because of the incipient fall into the void of nothing to hold on to. But that is the point, there really is ‘no thing’ to hold on to ever because it never was about no thing, period. Things are outcomes that have extreme transitoriness. Ideas are just as flighty. Things and ideas are vapid (when expressed as identity).

IMG_0929.jpgTo ‘hold on” is also ridiculous because it assumes another ‘thing’ to hold on to. And why would We “hold on” when We do not need to “hold on”, when that action would be superfluous to Being. If We Are the Universe, “holding on” would not make sense. “Holding on” is for the parade and misplaced identity. Infinite Potential is a process that “Is” continually. There is no stasis. There is no thing to hold on to.

IMG_0942.jpgIMG_0940.jpgIMG_0938.jpgWhom We Are is not a thing. ‘It’ Is the constant witness of life and ‘It’ Is a part of everyone of us always and before and beyond this particular life. Identity begins and ends there, in the ‘Isness’, for Us. Because ‘It’ Is everything, then our true identity is in everything. To limit, whom we are to one vehicle, is to give Pinocchio a life as meaningful as the one we ‘think’ we are now living.

IMG_0950.jpgThoughts are integral when we consider the terms of our relationship to them. If we ‘believe’ that we own and generate them, then we buy into the Pinocchio model of existence with our thoughts supporting the distortion of Self. It is a nice fairytale but does not serve us well, due to it’s denial of “What Is”.

Thoughts are impediments to seeing your own face. Don’t give rise to any thought, and discover who you are.

What is purification of the mind? No thought. This thought-less mind, sattvic mind, no mind, can be called Consciousness itself. Self itself.

If you address the mind with “Who are you?” it will disappear.

Mind is nothing but thought. You can’t separate thought itself from the mind.  -Papaji

When we identify whom we are, with attachment of owning and defining self with our thoughts, we choose falseness. Thoughts will always come and go but our attachment to them distorts Reality and overuses most of our bandwidth, disallowing the One Reality to surface.

Leaving the thoughts, by overtly not owning them and seeing them as extremely insignificant to whom we Are, is the right perspective to allowing our bandwidth to be properly channeling “the Energy”. “The Energy” cannot be owned as it is not a ‘thing’. Owning thoughts dumbs us down and fills us up with trinkets of junk.

IMG_0949.jpgThe ‘freeing’ of self into Self, is the letting in of what is already here Now. Thoughts, given their pervasiveness and our unquestioning investment, assure suffering and insecurity in our lives.

When we ‘get’ the revolution of ‘that’, it gets revolutionary in terms of stability of Self. This ‘getting’ is not a cognitive step of thinking or understanding. It Is a bold statement of no identity except the non-separateness of Whom we really Are. The personal self, is viewed as there, but temporarily and secondarily, like some Fords, Chevys, or Fiats we have owned. Our identity does not live or die with the (vehicle) car.

There is no ‘doer’ because identity is beyond ‘things’, vehicles, and thoughts or ideas. ‘Doing’ happens through the vehicle by the Universe.

Emptiness ideally, if allowed,fills the bandwidth of Consciousness with It’s infinite potential and play. The ‘things’ are mere limitations unfolding from the unlimited Self. Rest, in the fullness of all ’That’, first. That is effortlessly enough.

This Iz Daddy’O

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