GP2C3888.jpgThe starting point is always Love. The endpoint is Love. And, there is no starting and there is no ending, in the Now.

Every Moment has alignment with the Now when we give the generosity of the full vector of Love, ideally selfless Love.

GP2C3878.jpgThe ‘idea’ that we have to make a name for ourselves (in life) competes and conflicts directly with the effortlessness of Being. ‘Being’ is Love and not about self-gratification, as the starting point. Being is Love, so there is no separate idea of starting or stopping. Love is ‘in time’ with Being. The divisions and separateness are for the mind and it’s onerous limitations and voracious neediness.

GP2C3879.jpgThe process of personal development clearly involves the establishment of personal identity. However, it is an egregious error to assume that we remain locked in this ‘state’. ‘It’ is a passing state, not a permanence, when it could never be a permanence. Our attitude appears otherwise.

GP2C3880.jpgThe transitoriness of personal self is not the end but a necessary step in the process of Being and Becoming.

To be stuck in the reveling of personal identity, to wit, ego, is to betray the full process of development. Stopping ‘there’ is ‘stuckness’, pure and simple. Developmentally, we are unfulfilled and weak as far as utilizing the full faculty of consciousness if we stop at the ego. Can we ’See’’that’?

Nope. We will not ’See’ ‘it’ until we can ’See’ why we are stuck. We will assume that this sticky feeling is just part of ‘normal’ development.

The question of what are we here for, if it isn’t for our own self-gratification, is “that we aren’t here for our self-gratification.” We are not separate and hollow as the ego portrays us. We are One and connected to the same ineffable source of Everything.

GP2C3893.jpgOur fulfillment, is based on gaining necessary identity and then going past the identification of ego-mind, into ‘no ego’. With the integration of identity into the ’Space’ between everybody and everything i.e. ”nothingness”, the no-thing of no limitation and infinite potential, beckons. In ‘this’ Space, identity is no longer limited and definable as a ‘thing’.Losing the ‘thingness’ is gaining undefinable Reality.

To focus on this selfless area of Consciousness, as far as development is concerned, is the continuation of our evolvement and the raison d’etre of our existence.

GP2C3883.jpgWhen we transition, through whatever stage, it is imperative to note that a consistent access point is always available, to the energy called ‘Love’. The starting of every Moment is suffused with Love. That does not change, regardless of which stage or state we may currently be in. A preference for this ‘energy’ over our allowing the dominance of the perseverating ‘self’, is requisite for smooth sailing in our journeys through life.We can always opt for less and get less, especially if we are led by the fickleness of the mind.

“Perfect love casts out fear. Where there is love there are no demands, no expectations, no dependency. I do not demand that you make me happy; my happiness does not lie in you. If you were to leave me, I will not feel sorry for myself; I enjoy your company immensely, but I do not cling.”
― Anthony de Mello, Awareness

GP2C3894.jpgChoosing, “making a name for myself”, as a life’s mission, is missing the point and essentially misdirection. Making a permanent connection to Self, where that comes first, is the most essential duty to Ourselves. The tyranny of hopelessly seeking happiness and contentment through the glitz of the parade, is a path that immediately affirms the wrong direction of the application of resources. There are never enough resources available in the bottomless and empty pit called ‘false self’. How many times in human history and current history, has the cause of getting ‘more’ upended individuals and civilizations?

Gaining Awareness is gaining what has been there all the time, albeit, in obscuration, for most of us. Moving our resources of choosing to ‘See’ the Presence of Awareness is to also ‘See’ the obsession with ‘thoughts’ as a primary vehicle for discernment.

Instead of going along with whatever thought, emotion, belief, idea, is parading through our minds, we ’See’ we can choose to ’See’ much more, even in the vacuousness of thought.

Seeing the limitation and over-identification of thought, is seeing the ’stickiness’ of our energy in this venue. This becomes the departure point of getting caught up with all that. The ’Seeing’ never really stops because ‘it’ becomes the most important tool for moving through the morass of distraction.

Reallocating energy to Awareness from the typical distractions of thought, allows a reinvestment and ability to transcend the ’stuckness’ of the same old same. Moving mind clutter out, while asserting effortless Awareness, is the displacement that allows a greater acceptance of “What Is”. And the distance to “What Is” is eventually reduced to zero.

There is no way to effectively force this to happen. ‘Pushing’ just pushes us past effortlessness. ’Seeing’ is the ticket. ’See’ constantly. It Is Us.

Love effortlessly where fulfillment is not a goal but a reality.

This Iz Daddy’O

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