GP2C3906.jpgThere is no ‘doer’. Or do we believe there is a ‘doer’ and it is us? Is it just a belief that sustains this ‘doer’? Or is it something even more substantive than belief? Like, perhaps personal history, like “Somebody needs to be home!”, or like a temporary figure accumulating karma and doing dharma, or, perhaps more completely, a presence that channels the unity in the diversity, without getting caught-up in all ‘that’ jazz?

Believing is the amorphous sustenance underpinning the ‘doer’. Without belief there is nothing to sustain the fiction of the ‘doer’. Because it is a core belief, the ‘doer’ has seemingly sustainable sustenance. It is like the Wizard of Oz, behind the curtain is a tired character with a display of props to add conviction and substance to the trickery. Until you see the actual mechanisms of delusion, your belief has momentum and continuity.

Going behind the curtain of self-deceit is necessary to reveal the unreality of little self, aka the ‘doer’.

The quality and depth of the energy resonating is another essential piece. We are not the things. We are truly the substance behind even the energy.

Cathecting or energizing things, is not an uncommon occurrence, as energy is the basic currency of all our transactions between all beings. The characterization of energy happens constantly.

When energy is associated and/or directed to some ‘thing’, that invigoration adds a qualitative value reflective of the source energy. Also, energy is never limited to not being in ‘things’, as ‘It’ ultimately is resident in everything to include the domain of energy.

Moreover, when we cathect things, these things do not automatically graduate to higher levels of evolved energy. They channel the resonance of the form resonating.

This is not dissimilar to one tuning fork being struck for tuning purposes, and that resonation is then easily passed on to another tuning fork that was not hit.

GP2C3903.jpgAll things resonate energy. Our core resonation shows up most consistently because it is the strongest field we sustain on a moment-to-moment basis.

Ideally, the ‘doer’ or personal self, is merely a resonator for “The Energy”. How could it be otherwise? The interference, noise, and distortion we insist upon, reduces the full transmission to a narrow bandwidth.

The noise, relative to our ideas of self and identity, disallows a clear channel causing confusion, to the point of putting us into a trance, leaving us kicking and screaming that ‘that’ (no ‘doer’) can’t be true!

Why the need for all that drama? Instead, and perhaps we would be better served to use our energy to test out ‘whom’ is in that proverbial trance.

The imaginary ‘doer’ can be let go. Dismissed. Good bye! So long!

Are we tough enough to meet the above challenge? Do we see enough to know that ‘that’ is possible? Do we have the guts to even imagine it happening to us?

Looking closely, we can see that we have a lot to unravel. It is one gigantic ball of yarn, with nothing left after it all unravels. Ready?!

List all the things that we ‘do’, that we own, that we ‘think’ and swear is us? Are we even ‘one’ of billions of ideas, things, accomplishments, roles, and differences from others, that we ‘think’ we are?

In the aggravation of knowing self, we continue to assume the importance of our role, so much in our mind, we preclude the acknowledgement of the pivotal work of “The Energy” from the elemental sustenance of infrastructure in the entire universe let alone our tiny little world.

We attribute our success, and all that stuff we have, to ‘ourself’ forgetting “The Cause”, like yesterday’s garbage. Because Nothingness is not a ‘thing’ and cannot be commodified, we conclude that all that we’ve accomplished, is ‘us’ and belongs to ‘us’. Fact is, we don’t even own the trance that we are in. It owns us (The little ‘us’ is part of the illusion).

The little ‘us’ is the manufactured illusionary ‘us’ that manifests as pies in the sky. The Bravo Sierra is pretty thick here.

Is the ‘doer’, anything more than an idea?

The fiction of the ‘doer’ is that it is first and separate, with no other.

The “I am”, too, is an idea but an idea that one cannot plumb. The “I am” is formless. To point to the Presence that “Is” here Now, is the Presence but not a definable Presence, as far as words are concerned. Doing is form. Presence is formless. Ideas are form and always an inadequate representation of Reality.

“It’s the action, not the fruit of the action, that’s important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there’ll be any fruit. But that doesn’t mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

Do we really want to be the ‘doer’ given our poor decision-making skills that wreak of personal bias and general unskillfulness? Fact is, we do act if we were god, a selfish god. Does that fact even fit in with what our perception of god is (not that perception is reality)?

When we begin to understand that we are not the doer, we begin to unfold the intrinsic ‘pushing’ that we cannot normally ’See’. This is because the identity thing of believing that this infinitesimal expression of Beingness,processed by us into the little us, suppresses our real power. This ‘pushing’ of ‘doer’ status is a powerful marker of distortion due to the enormous erroneous investment in self. How many times do we ‘think’ that, if I don’t do this, basically, everything will unravel? Or some other rancid idea that ‘me’ has more imperative in this (un)reality than Self.

Reality is, we all get replaced in about 100 years or less. We, as temporary beings, are not that important in a universe that has no boundaries physically or otherwise.

The ‘pushiness’ that is dyed-in-the-wool of identity, is deep, so much so, that it is also a powerful determinant of our final expression as beings. Our full potential is limited by this limitation, until we ’See’ it clear. Which means we end up still having and needing our necessary ego functions of daily living, but not our demented idea that we matter more than anyone else, or that we are separate from others, or that we are the ‘doer’.

The core belief of the ‘doer’ upends so much because practically every thought is vetted through this filter. Additionally the effort to give credence to this falseness is a constant effort and pushiness.

Lose the falseness and stop the pushing, even for a Moment, to ‘See’ the ‘Everything’ we missed. The foreground and spotlight of the ‘doer’ overshadows the infinite substance of Light and Being.

GP2C3905.jpgThe backdrop of everything is subtle and unassuming. Be ’That’ effortlessly.

This Iz Daddy’O

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