GP2C3925.jpgBeing here in the immediacy of Now is something that is probably more conceptual than Reality. How so?

When we can address the ‘pushing ‘ away from Reality in the deepest part of ourselves, then we can accept the Moment with open arms and without residues of past conditioning and future concerns.

GP2C3926.jpgThe immediacy, fullness and openness to presence, allows Presence to appear like a vision, in our experience. It is more real than ordinary perception.

Our ‘normal’ experience is pocked with inconsistencies and pockets of mostly self than Self. Accessing more of Self is contraindicated when we cannot access the structural limits we have placed upon ourselves. Perception of these limitations must be viewed clearly and fully to obtain a release from their dense restriction on our consciousness.

GP2C3927.jpgCreating the optimal conditions for ’Seeing’ the artificial in order to allow the natural, is the ticket. A major and critical piece of this architecture, is the timelessness of Now.

GP2C3928.jpg“Now” Is the Moment. We state it as ‘the’ moment because ‘it’ appears in the duality of time. Duality of time controls the ‘parade’, as it is it’s destiny to do so. The duality is a valid structure for the parade. The normality of time-boundness is indigenous to duality. Why wouldn’t it be?

So, where does it all leave us? Should we bow to duality? Should we say ‘no’ to duality? What do we accept? Reject?

So much to ‘do’! Or not?!

This dialogue with self is an example of ‘pushing’. This ‘pushing’ for understanding also engenders more density due to upping the investment to ‘know’ vis-a-vis ‘the parade’.

The ‘knowing’ we really want cannot be found in the parade. But if it, ‘the parade’, is all we know, then we recycle our efforts into an aggravated cause for continued failure, in ‘the parade’ and not so much liberated from ‘the parade’.

The point here being is that time in ‘the parade’ is a distortion of Now, when we are fully invested in ‘the parade’.

“I disregard the proportions, the measures, the tempo of the ordinary world. I refuse to live in the ordinary world as ordinary women. To enter ordinary relationships. I want ecstasy. I am a neurotic — in the sense that I live in my world. I will not adjust myself to the world. I am adjusted to myself.”
Anais Nin 

When ordinary  time is timeless, as in the Now, then the pushing element that creates unnecessary density, is no longer optimized and fed through specious effort.

GP2C3929.jpgThere is ‘no trying’ or ‘not trying’ in the Now. This blog cannot tell you ‘that’. Your direct experience of the Now tells you Everything.

When we load up with the duality of ‘the parade’, we get heavy with overlays of unnecessary weight. When we ’See’ that we are the backdrop to everything to include the silly parade, then we anchor ourselves in the stability of ‘nothingness’.

There is no place to hang other than the open infinite potential of nothing and everything, without attachment. Attachment is heaviness. Freedom is freedom from attachment to things.

’Things’ need to be enjoyed and not necessarily avoided. When we enrich our Self with the contentment of Now, we pine less for the transitory and ’See’ the point and proper relationship to ‘things’. We can effortlessly act from the Source to action in the space filled with duality and temporary considerations.

Our natural affinity to the underlying ‘Oneness’ is revealed to the consciousness that previously topped out, stuck in ‘the parade’. Releasing the faux importance of ‘the parade’ acknowledges the Formlessness of whom we really Are. The ‘reveal’ is the understanding that there is really no ‘reveal’. When we ’See’ It, we ’See’ ‘It’ has always been there with or without our acknowledgement.

GP2C3930.jpgBlowing out the seemingly lit candles of illusion, contrarily reveals the illumination of Self, effortlessly.

The ‘Now’ is without time (or duality). It Is. The ‘no structure’ of It allows Everything from Nothing. No limitation means no density and full balls-out freedom. Can we handle all ‘that’?

‘The ecstasy’ is rapture with Divine time. Be The Moment. Celebrate life constantly from the Essence of Nothingness.

This Iz Daddy’O

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