IMG_1018.jpgWhere are we spending most of our time? In the psuedo-world of thoughts? Where we put our importance about what is important, is where we spend our time. If our belief is that we are our thoughts, then it is natural for us, that we spend our time with that idea of self.

Spending, albeit investing, our time in thoughts, is putting our eggs in a precarious basket. How so? Will my eggs get broken? The eggs will not reach fruition and get hatched. Yes, there will be seeming progress, but getting along in the world, scraping by in the shallows, is not the only metric that matters.

Happiness, inner contentment, and ability to sustain deeper levels of peace, matters. This ability to go past the ‘parade’ of the roller coaster of life and ‘live’ effortlessly in The Moment, is not accessible while our proverbial eggs are mostly in the wrong basket. And the result of basking in ‘separateness’ has also not worked out well for us in particular and for the human race.

The superficialness of thoughts are that because they are an endpoint, and not the real source of Source. Abiding in the ‘Source’ is powerful because we ingratiate ‘that’ integrative energy into our daily moment-to-moment life, using it as a platform to secure Being and the ‘Unlimited’ Nothingness. The intermediaries of everything after Source, is always a lesser vehicle, to wit, an after-thought. Thoughts, again, are at the endpoint of all that spectrum of Formless going into Form.

Constantly being captured by our thoughts doesn’t sound like fun and it isn’t. But ‘that’ is only seen if we can gain the perspective of the outcome of the slavery involved. When we cannot even breakout for a moment from the “thought-police”, we know we are locked in for good. The glimpses we do get of getting past thought, can be elegantly aggrandized to leverage more connection to Self. Just stating the preference and intention to have the ‘Nothingness’ of all ‘That’, is a superb starting point for leaving the compulsiveness of moronic thinking.

In particular, our favorite thoughts, thoughts we love having, are very problematic. They are Trojan horses for the corruption of Whom we really Are. The ability of these chosen-gold-standard thoughts to prevent our entering effortlessly into the Moment, is profound.

As long as the addictive quality is there, the addicted mind can be efficacious in surviving another moment, generating tirelessly, even more thoughts that encumber us.

Don’t hate the arising of thoughts or stop the thoughts that do arise. Simply realize that our original mind, right from the start, is beyond thought, so that no matter what, you never get involved with thoughts. Illuminate original mind, and no other understanding is necessary.

Bankei Yotaku

The built-in here, that the mind and thoughts exploit, is that thoughts are essential for living. But we really do know that thoughts, especially, in excess, can be counter-productive. Question is, how much thought and thinking do we really need?

To properly answer the question in the spirit of ‘less thought’, we do not begin to answer the question at the endpoint, especially at the endpoint of ‘no connection’ to the Source. To rely on ‘thought’ alone is to show disdain and ignorance of whom we really Are. The intention to connect to ‘our’ Source point first, is the doorway to getting a complete unbiased answer. When we acknowledge Ourselves this way, in every Moment, we yield the specious favorites for the ‘real McCoy’.

The answer is the obvious. If ‘thoughts’ come first, then disconnection is a done deal.

What we ‘practice’ is what we sustain. Sustainability is dependent on consistency in choosing the most obvious non-thing first. Things, to include thoughts, are always endpoints. And they need to appear when needed and not when forced in by sheer bull rushing when we open the wrong door. Thoughts’ place is always second no matter how cool they may appear to be.

How could “The Source” be “The Source” if It was not the source of Everything? Opening the ‘right’ door first, and keeping it open, precludes the bull rushing. When we give ‘thoughts’ inappropriate access, our priorities are misinformed. Only a more polluted and less efficacious outcome can occur.

Awareness is “The Source”. Awareness is the illumination. Awareness cannot be found, like a thought, because it is not a ‘thing’. Being aware of Awareness is never finding a ‘thing’. Otherwise it would not be Awareness. Awareness is only aware, ubiquitously. It’s characteristic is no characteristic.

Knowing from Awareness is the ticket to connection. There is no ‘push’ to Be because we already Are ‘that’ ‘knowing’ but without the seeming necessity of ‘doing’ or ‘pushing’ to get there. There is nothing to become because “It” Is already Us.

Replace the ‘pushing’ with effortless ’Seeing’. Replace the ’need’ for ‘things’ with no-thing of Everything. Real satisfaction and contentment cannot occur at the endpoint of things. Satisfaction is here Now in the empty space of Awareness.

Living and dying in thoughts is a vicarious life without substance and depth. Behind thoughts, Awareness is always Present, no matter how racing the thoughts may be. Thoughts can bully Awareness to the extent that Awareness cannot be easily found. Subtleness Is Awareness. Emptiness is Awareness. The ‘thing’ of thoughts appears to trump Awareness. That is a delusion. Awareness is ubiquitous and always subtly there, despite the aggressiveness of ego-mind and thought.

The utility of thoughts is secondary not primary. Connection to the no-thing of Awareness is Everything first. Live effortlessly from the subtlety of Awareness, constantly. SEEING IS AWARENESS.

This Iz Daddy’O

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