GP2C3949.jpgWhom are we talking to? Is positive self-talk bad? Is the seeming necessity to talk to self really necessary, positively or negatively, regardless of whether we say it internally or externally?

The greater the density of our ‘I’, the greater the suffering we beckon. Conversely, spaciousness and the reduction/elimination of ‘I’, serves to align ourselves to the flow of the Universe.

GP2C3936.jpgBriefly, when we hold on to some ‘thing’ so tightly, we bind ourselves up in a ‘thing’. This is an unmistakable shift toward the binding of ourselves to the temporary and the extraneous. It can only goad more suffering and pain.

When we talk to ourselves, inwardly or outwardly, does that really give us more information? The un-acquired knowledge of Awareness already knows. Why the talk? When we create/support the “I” through self talk, we create a false self. This creation is a ‘thing’, a duplicate inferior copy of us. Self-talk, even when positive, undermines whom we really are because what we create is an impermanent idea of identity. This ergo, becomes a subtraction from the Consciousness/Awareness of whom we really Are.

Dissociative Identity Disorder aka Multiple Personality Disorder, is recognized by the DSM-5 as a valid dysfunctional state of being. This diagnosis then merits valid mental health issues. Treatment of a seminal trauma is often at the root of the problem. Outcomes are not generally good for substantive change. Hershel Walker was a celebrity football player that suffered from this issue.

We are not much different. Albeit statistically, most of us are clearly not housing multiple personalities. We, though, have our own false selves.

GP2C3940.jpgIn the DI disorder, remediation of the secondary personalities, may sometimes relent if the delusional personality is overtly and wholly left unattended. This assumes that any trauma has released it’s hold. This is an extremely difficult process but the entity will slowly dissipate into the air from which it came from, given idyllic circumstances. Prognosis is not good due to identity being deeply rooted in the personalities.

We are essentially no different when we cater to the false self. Our base is typically fear due to the fragility of identity being an idea. Being positive when our source emotion is fear, ends up covering up this root emotion with platitudes. The uncomfortableness never really leaves.

GP2C3952.jpgThe knowing of Awareness is always present despite the circus we create. There is no need for intermediaries. Intermediaries slow things down in a negative way. They have opacity that clouds clear consciousness. Why are we a part of this travesty? Conditioning?

Stoke the Silence. The Source Is always Aware and knows effortlessly.

GP2C3934.jpgWhat would happen if we chose to stop the chatter and deferential communication with the false self? Would we see human implosion? Unexplained phenomena? Dogs living with cats and mass hysteria?

The ego/mind would have you think so. Test it out. The ego will get hurt in this process. But we are not the ego or false self.

“The ego-feeling, which makes one think of ‘I’ all the time, should be given up. Without this detachment, knowledge of scriptures is of no avail.” Sai Baba  – Divine Discourse, 9 Nov 1988.

Consequent to the production of a false self, delusions and illusions will abide in our personal and private lives.Delusions distinguish themselves when we are the only participant in the charade. Illusions are generally held beliefs that have no reality except in the particular group that abides in them. Both types of distortions obscure reality, that is, “What Is”.

GP2C3943.jpgThe delusion of having a particular type of false self with very particular characteristics is also a common illusion. The carrying around of a false self is an illusion we, as a society, conclude to be normal, not illusory. This ‘normal’, is actually a mass illusion.

Society deems us having normality only when we have one false self. When we have more than one false self, we are delusional and should be treated.

Why is one false self not enough to warrant any treatment? It is the difference between numbers that society has established. Even in the treatment of DI, which false self is the ‘true’ false self? The question answers itself. No ‘false’ self is true.

We become delusional because the socially acceptable number is one false self. One false self is so-called ‘normal’ when we cannot accept that the real ‘Self’ is not a ‘thing’. Because ‘Self’ is not a thing, it cannot be quantified or nailed down to any ‘thing’. Identity beyond ‘things’ is too amorphous for the mind to contemplate. ‘Hence’, we dumb down whom we ‘think’ we are, and we end up with an approved ‘false self’. The conclusion is both personal delusion and societal illusion abiding together because we cannot get past the necessity and limitation of having to be a ‘thing’.

The fact is, in this ‘thinking’, we are both delusional and illusory. We believe, without any evidence, that we are a ‘thing’. This ‘thing’ can never be found because it is imaginary. Only the mass illusion of everyone, to include ourselves, telling us what our experience should be, dominates and pushes this faux reality.

All ‘false selves’ need perdition. False self is a construct, whether we are talking about one, two or more. A construct is an idea not an identity. Any false self is not healthy. It is a delusion among other shared mass illusions, even and especially, if it is the quantity of one.

Self-talk is talking to our idea of whom we ‘think’ we Are. However, whom we really Are is always Aware all the time. An attempt at duplication with a ‘thing’ is a downgrade in consciousness. Displacement of Awareness results in a loss of connection and Being.

When we meditate or when we do ‘japa’ (repetition of a name or words 24/7), we do not implode or lose our ability to transact life. The mind is settled and our connection is enhanced given proper dynamics of either process. Space is engendered while density is reduced. Ergo, the drag of false-self is more easily seen as naive and inept relative to an incipient Awareness.

The constancy of tireless investment in the false self without any questioning, by feeding it identity, totally undermines whom we really Are. This practice of speaking to an idea of whom we think we are, must abate in order to have any chance of seeing the delusion we create.

There is no-one to speak to inside if we ‘See’ the delusion and ‘See’ the no-thing of Awareness that is forever Present. So when we constantly refer to this created idea of false self, we are clearly working against our interests of a reduction in suffering and the re-installation of Consciousness/Awareness that has no ‘I’, ‘me’, or ‘you’ in it. Only ‘Us’ Is. ‘Seeing’ is invoking the “What Is” that is always Present always.

Self-talk is unnecessary and ends up degrading our connection to “What Is”. The mind will miss the conversation and the imaginary delusion. See ‘that’ and ‘See’ that we Are the Awareness that has infinite space that is unbinding with no density.

GP2C3949 (1).jpgBe free of delusion and illusion. We Are all ‘that’ Space.

This Iz Daddy’O

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