GP2C3955.jpgWhen you see ‘me’, where am I?

I am not out there somewhere. I am here, inside. It is all an inside job.

GP2C3974.jpgThe filtering we impose is the imposition of framing what we ’see’ from ‘how’ we see. Nevertheless, the image as well as the content, occurs on the inside. “How” we see, changes the characteristics of ‘what’ we see.

When we have some sort of epiphany, we are apt to change how we see the content within. The ‘epiphany’, too, is an inside job. All of our ‘experience’ is generated from within us.

GP2C3956.jpgIf we were to imbibe medicinal plants, like peyote, our external experience would not change. However, our internal reality will have shifted to other dimensions. Our filters would be altered and our reception would be amplified. What is normally an internal reception of reality remains internal, despite chemical enhancements.

GP2C3976.jpgThe range of internal experience of the presumed external, is infinite. We are virtual universes walking around other universes. Except the boundaries are illusory.

If our perception is not from within, where do we get the experience?

The ‘getting’ is internal. We are ‘that’. What we see has to be internal. The camera sees internally also. If the camera doesn’t see it on the inside, then there is no picture, regardless of concepts of inside/outside. We are no different (to oversimplify).

GP2C3979.jpgIf ‘our camera’ stops taking pictures, then our existence has finished it’s temporary course. The ‘camera’ is the vehicle for which internal pictures are accessed. Also, depending on the quality of the ‘camera’, the pictures will correspond to ’Seeing’ reality more truly or less truly.

Everything we experience has to take place on the ‘inside’. That is reality. What is ‘external’ can be argued by philosophers, scientists, and spiritual masters. Fact is that the external is not as important as ‘what’ and ‘how’ we process the internal. The external is a ‘thing’ and is temporary. It could be an illusion created by a cosmic photoshop.

“I am looking at everything within you to see where I can help, where I can give healing and power. At the same time, I am giving Light to every part of your being, I am opening every part of yourself to Light.” Mother Meera

The reality, for us, is that the perceived external is really internal. When we ‘believe’ the external stimuli to be external, we negate the reality and meaning and importance of what is going on inside. Tending to the outside or in other words, tending to the ‘parade’, shifts resources aways from “What Is”. Refusing the “What Is” of internal life creates unnecessary struggle and loss of connection to the universe.

We are multi-dimensional beings aligning our universes with The Universe to the point of no difference between them. Alignment and fusion into the Greater Vehicle can only occur upon resolution of the differences, i.e. old conditioning being let go in order to ‘flow’.

“It’s hard for us to accept who we are, because there’s so many rules about who we’re supposed to be.” Tove Lo

GP2C3973.jpgThere are multiple dimensions of reality that we are not even aware of nor can be aware of, given the limitations we have to work with. Seeing and acting from within is working directly with our karmic plight given that all decisions occur here, inside. The resonation of whom we Are, echoes through our form and formlessness.

The Formless is whom we Are at the very beginning and at the very end (if we spin time into the concept). Internal is formless. External is form. Formless is first and unlimited. Form is subsequent and limited. Be the ‘camera’ but look inside for the pictures.

Smile. See from the interior of Being where no form is Present but Is eternally there. Be effortlessly Now. See the big picture inside.

This Iz Daddy’O

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