IMG_1104.jpgWe engage in a core pivotal belief of matter being separate from whom we Are, i.e. universal awareness. To suggest that matter is separate from us, is to contemporaneously suggest that we are separate from each other. It goes hand in hand.

The starting point of this premise and belief, begins with this ‘separateness’. When we shape everything we think and do with a particular premise, ‘that’ particular premise locks us in to everything we conclude down the line. In this case, it is the beginning of our separateness from our environment and the contemporaneous and weakening powers of distortion and delusion in our life.

Scientists look at matter as the starting point and our evolution as subsequent to that. It makes sense when one measures things that are measurable. ‘Things’ that are measurable are ‘things’ or limited objects. It is a convenient starting point but it starts with the end result, not the ’cause’.

Additionally, using limited mechanisms to measure the unlimited (e.g. infinity) in space and numbers, never gives a conclusive outcome. The narration and explanation of hard science is extremely speculative and consistent with interpretations not meeting scientific rigor, even when making conclusions about conditional objects. Interpreting results is not hard science. The ‘why’ of it sounds good but concensus is not universal. Boundless concepts like infinity are problematic because they are not so conditional/measureable. Metaphoric narration of these type of results is typical, especially in the evolvement of the ‘hardest’ of sciences, i.e. physics.

The starting point of our outer or inner exploration, ideally, would be investigating and identifying the ‘permanent’, at the outset. The temporary found in our experience would only solidify and underscore the definiteness of ‘permanence’. The ‘unchanging’ is more difficult to quantify but is overtly consistent and present in all circumstances/conditions.

What is permanent in our experiential world? Firstly, experience must match up with conclusions we may make on the veracity of ‘permanence’. Experience is particular and universal in that it all takes place inside our brain stem and is internal and private to each one of us.

“Everything we see is within us”, means that our perception, sensation, thoughts, and feelings, all occur on our private screen within. To suggest that matter is outside, is to deny that perception occurs on the inside. There is no ‘line’ between outside and inside. Our inner perception is the consistent experience, consistently telling us this truth.

Even deeper and more elemental is awareness (on the inside). Conversely, all thoughts (ideas, beliefs, images) and feelings are extremely temporary never repeating themselves in precisely the same way. Conditionality persists.

Contrast the temporariness of the fleeting with the constant undiminished ‘awareness’ that always ‘knows’. Awareness is affirmed by direct experience, as the permanent and the everpresent intimacy of Whom we Are Always Now. ‘It’ is not discernable by the mind in that ‘It’ is not a conditional object. ‘It’ Is, without form.
‘Formlessness’ is not measureable. In terms of measurement, we are now starting at the point of using tools (to include the mind)that cannot fathom formlessness. It is easier to start with ‘matter’. But that would be introducing errors in judgment at the outset.

Awareness is aware of objects AND Itself. It is only Awareness that can be aware of Itself. Awareness does not ‘need’ things, to include the mind, to be aware of Itself.

Being Aware of Awareness is engaging with permanence and existence. The existence is perennial (as It Is permanent).
The starting point and the endpoint are both loaded into eternity. At this point, concepts fail Reality. Consciousness, or Being Aware, is the structural beginning/end of us and matter. All is made from the substrate of Consciousness i.e. Formlessness.

The separateness we believe as real, is based in the unreality of the core belief of the ‘original sin’ of being conditioned from the temporariness of matter, rather than Awareness Itself.

IMG_1105.jpgOur inner experience of Awareness, as quantified through It’s longditudinal iteration, exclaims the permanence of It’s unsullied Consciousness. This Presence, experienced from our youngest years to the persistence of Presence in this very Moment, is the most real ‘non-thing’ we ‘know’. And ‘knowing’ is an additional facet of this ‘Being’. It’s Presence is so intimate, that we often fail to acknowledge It’s guidance, permanence and reality.

We are ‘That’. We See It, When we go beyond the mind of limitation and experience being aware first, in every Moment forward. It’s permanence is always Present, Always, in everyone and everything.

This Iz Daddy’O

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