GP2C4044.jpgThe validation of reality is justified through our experience. Experience is shuttled through our senses, that is, the perception of the external. Also, sensations are felt by our body. Experience additionally, is found on the inside, where thoughts and feelings abide in the form of images and ideas.

However, it is only a false ‘idea’ that there is an external and an internal. Experience tells us, it all occurs within us. The external is experienced, just like thoughts and feelings. The presumed ‘outside of experience’, is all really taking place in our private internal world.

GP2C4046.jpgHence, how we see life, is based on and through our particular perception, indigenous to the filters we use in interpreting, what our reality is. Change or remove the filters and reality is markedly different.

GP2C4034.jpgWhen we look through our eyes, there is probably filtering going on in order to determine our survival and preference. How we see ourselves and others is wholly contingent on our consciousness. For instance, changing the amount of selfishness, we change the world from a narcissistic enterprise to one of selfless service. How we see and structure/un-structure whom we Are, is elemental to consequent performance in the media called the world. Access, to freedom, is Seeing the door.

“Who looks out with my eyes? What is the soul? I cannot stop asking. If I could taste one sip of an answer, I could break out of this prison for drunks. I didn’t come here of my own accord, and I can’t leave that way. Whoever brought me here, will have to take me home.”
— Rumi

How we see, is determined on how and where we place our identity. Identifying with the temporal world, allots us in the instability of constant change. Identity with pure consciousness disallows futile investment in the objective phenomenological world. Not because it is a commandment, but because hard matter is density that is fictitious to what ‘Everything’ really Is.

Consciousness Is first and always Present. The ‘form’ we perceive is a concession to Consciousness’ true nature, formlessness. Time also is form. Ever-present Now, is formless.

GP2C4050.jpgAnchoring in the Formless is counter intuitive to the common idea of a hard objective world. The alternative, sinking and believing in form, is movement from unfiltered to filtered. Losing the over-investment in the world, does not mean that we no longer participate in life. But rather, that we disregard the false god and reality of the materialism of matter.

Oddly, the substance and source of matter, also, is unfiltered Awareness Being. Though, if we start with ‘matter’, our world is ass-backwards. The knowing of knowing whom we Are is not based in hard matter. Knowing does not require matter as a ballast for it’s light. It Is it’s own light. Knowing is first and before the appearance of matter.

Experience through our modalities of thoughts, sensations, and perceptions, is secondary to the a priori of Consciousness, aka Knowing or the Knower of all things and non-things.

Deepening the Self is already completed in the Present Now, in the Knower. It is the Seeing and recognition of the Knower, as the ultimate catalyst for transformation, that accelerates the reunification of self to Self. Even self is Self right Now, but without the awareness that liberates the difference.

Effortless indulgence in the Formlessness of the absolute Present Moment, is the gateway to Being. Contempt for the Moment, is contempt for the openness and spaciousness of the Formless itself. “What Is” is the unfiltered full acceptance and surrender to the genius and intelligence of coming back into Fullness, without the density or modulation of unnecessary form.

GP2C4043.jpgThe knowing of Whom we Are, in every Moment, is unlimited consciousness coming home, deliberately. The deliberate deepening of experience through this experienced recognition, is the starting point.

Addiction to thought, feelings, sensations and perceptions, is addiction to the density of the world. Freedom is liberation from the over-identification of whom we are as ‘matter’ and reunification of whom we really Are as effortless formless Silence. That is, the comfort of abiding in the nameless background of all life, is our permanent home. Consequent to that ‘Seeing’, our relationship to form and Formless changes, and is then appropriate for accelerated inner growth.

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