GP2C4059.jpgTime is not ‘Now’.

Can we ever know ‘it’ not being ‘Now’? What is ‘Now’ doing except Being? Does ‘Now’ ever stop?

GP2C4068.jpgIs ’Now’ limited in time? Will ‘Now’ ever end? Is ‘Being’ separate from ‘Now’? Is there a difference between ‘Now’ and ‘Being’? Is there a Oneness between ‘Now’ and ‘Being’? Can we separate ‘Now’ from ‘Being’?

Existence is based on the truth of ‘it’ never being anything but the ‘Now’. And ‘Now’ is not a time because time changes every nano-second. The ‘Now’ is perennial in the daily experience we all experience constantly.

We have never experienced our life, to this very second, not without the ‘Now’, yes?!

GP2C4087.jpgThe Presence of ‘Now’ fills the proverbial room with ‘this’ stability. Without the ‘Now’, how would we survive? This stabilizing, unabashed room filler, gives us connection to Be, and subsequently allows the finiteness of time to sparkle it’s temporary movement.

To imagine not having ‘Now’ would also mean that are most essential Self, the Presence, would also not be there, in the here and now. We are inseparable from the ‘Now’, as it’s permanence and ubiquity is often taken for granted.

It is the screen whereupon the movie plays. The movie is real, that is a real movie. The eternal stability, that gives ‘time’ and 3 dimensionality to our life in this movie, is the unchanging backdrop that allows it’s performance while not being effected in the least. Time is found while the film is playing. Using a real world example, the new Jason Bourne movie on Blu-Ray is a completed motion picture on DVD and other formats. Inherent in this movie, while we are watching the movie, is time. Time is a finite structure derivative of eternity.

When we go to Best Buy and purchase this movie, we pay for the entire movie in a package and take it home for viewing. The movie is already completed. It is fully present in the package, from start to finish. However, when we watch it, we can only watch it as it rolls out on our home screen, second by second. We cannot see the entire movie all at once, despite it’s completion. It is all there to be seen all at once but our limited faculties preclude that from happening.

This is analogous to the ‘Now’. The movie has time in it. But time has nothing to do with the movie being made nor with it’s core reality. The ‘Now’ is the reality. ’Now’ is the screen where all movies are played and seemingly played out. But the movies were completed even before they were played. Just like the DVD. Just like our life.

Kinda sounds like the Akashic records. They don’t make a lotta sense when we throw ‘time’ in trying to understanding them.

“The timeless in you is aware of life’s timelessness; and knows that yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream.” -Khalil Gibran

GP2C4053.jpgThe stability of the screen is the Now. Presence is Presence because of the ‘Now’ being ‘Now’. Awareness of the ‘Now’ is Presence Being. Objectification through words is only for the separate mind and not the core reality. All this is more experientially available through direct experience with minimal ‘thinking’. Problem is we want to think every thing out. Experience tells us more truths because Awareness can be easily accessed and utilized in Seeing Reality.

GP2C4068.jpgSeparateness occurs when we believe the myth and role we play in the movie. We are not Jason Bourne despite what the birth certificate says. Whom we Are is before all that objectification. Loading up our lives with core mis-beliefs, occludes the light of Awareness and the Presence of ‘Now’.

“Being in the Moment” is not a forced effort. It is embracing the ‘Now’ fully without grasping, pulling, or pushing. It is ‘Love’ that is full and not lacking or looking. It Is. Effortlessness is it’s calling card. Pure Love, Connection and unity with Consciousness is the only identity ‘There’. ’There’ is open eternal timelessness with no start or finish.

GP2C4089.jpg“The mind exists in time; in fact the mind is time; it exists in the past and the future. And remember, time consists of only two tenses, the past and the future. The present is not part of time, the present is part of eternity.” -Osho

’Now’ just Is, without diminishment or change. It’s constancy, consistency, and pervasiveness in waking or dreaming states, tells us everything we need to know about our true identity. We Are ‘that’ consciousness and Presence that is the screen of every life and all objects in time and space. It Is the source of even our temporary identity of Being. The permanence of ’Now’ is the platform and basis of Whom we really Are. Timelessness, pure Awareness and Presence of Being inform us constantly in the featureless ’Now’.

GP2C4099.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O

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