GP2C4129.jpgThoughts are as common as grains of sand. The passage of time is massaged through the turbulence of thought. Thoughts come through on their own accord. And it is us that perseverates on them. The perseveration, of course, is not necessary. Or do we think we have no choice in this menu item?

GP2C4130.jpgThoughts will continue to arise to their own beat and rhythm relative to our relationship with them. For example, to push thoughts away only prompts their presence. Pushing is futile. Accepting thoughts is helpful but does nothing to end their prominence and ubiquity.

GP2C4131.jpgOur relationship to thoughts is not just a matter of control/no control, is it?
Controlling is missing the point because the act of controlling is already ‘doing’ too much. It is the chasing of one’s tail.

GP2C4132.jpgControlling appears to be viable because of seemingly the only other option of control ’on’ is ‘control off’. ‘Control off’, without any other changes, amounts to groundlessness.

GP2C4133.jpgWhen we decide, and subsequently cement our belief system in asserting that we are our thoughts, and that ‘thinking’ is something that we should never stop or we’ll lose our place in line, automatically elevates ‘thoughts’ and thinking, to an undeserved status as our identity. Our identity is serviced by the production of reinforcing thoughts that have no basis in reality. Hence, the creation of the false self.

GP2C4111.jpg“I -luminous open, empty Awareness -never find Myself in a situation; all situations find themselves in Me.” Rupert Spira

GP2C4109.jpgThoughts are temporary assertions that we give reality to, despite their lack of intrinsic Truth. There is never any permanence to any thought, period.

Whom we Are is before thought.

Where does thought appear? In what venue do we see thought? As any object to be cognized, there must be a container, a room, a space, a screen for it to appear. What is the container of all thoughts?

GP2C4122.jpgWhen we observe a thought, where is the thought located? Our direct experience may reply “In our head”, but that is not specific enough. Specifically thoughts arise in an objectless space that is not strictly even space. We can see the space when we look at the speed of thoughts starting, racing, stopping. The so-called space is stable and unaffected by the quality and frequency of thoughts. The space is more easily seen when we slow down our compulsiveness of pushing, doing, and over-thinking.

Clear ‘seeing’ of the space, versus the content of the thoughts, reveals the unchanging nature of Nothingness, the Knower, and/or Awareness -all the same expression of Beingness.

GP2C4116.jpgGiving preference to the ’Seeing’, is shifting resources away from the idolatry of thinking into the ‘Being’ of Beingness. This is the first stop and last stop of Everything. Starting at thought, is starting with finite form versus starting with the infinite/eternal You/Us.

The relationship to thought, identity, and unacquired knowledge, is shifted profoundly away from the transience of thought to the Permanence of Being, effortlessly. Separation from Self and others, is now mediated into connection with the Ineffable in everyone and everything. Thought then takes it’s proper place in being secondary and useful relative to supporting the constancy of Beingness.

Where thought is, is essential in knowing, in that we may be stuck in an age-old rut, where we are victims and servants to these temporary rants called thoughts. Post-recognition of Being, now asserts thoughts proper utility not primary identity.

Abiding in “Beingness” shifts things dramatically. The relationship with thoughts now has changed significantly. Moreover, Pure Awareness is back home where clarity without overt control, is abiding effortlessly. Separateness, indigenous to ‘thoughts’ being the master, now is displaced by the naturalness of Being One. The recognition of ‘Oneness in Self’ is Self recognizing Self in all.

The space where thoughts, images, sensations, and perceptions takes place, Is Whom we Are always. Identity is here First in that unchanging unquantifiable container of Everything.

Our uninformed demands were based on thinking that thoughts, ideas, and relationships, could give us happiness. That is now supplanted by the inner knowledge, that only the Source of whom we Are, is Beingness or happiness incarnate. Thoughts no longer occupy the foreground of our consciousness. The backdrop is the foreground. The “Fullness” has no missing parts since It Is the backdrop that contains everything and Everything, to include thoughts. Starting with the backdrop allows the foreground to come into clear focus and gives proper perspective of the Eternal and finite.

This Iz Daddy’O

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