GP2C4123.jpgWhen there is thought there is mind. The absence of thought precludes the appearance of mind. Mind appears in the form of thought and it’s permutations of sensing, perceiving, images, and feelings. These are pretensions of Awareness.

Awareness is before thought and thought’s family tree. Awareness is Present even when mind is deliberating it’s thing. The Seeing of Awareness is not in the skill set of the mind i.e the mind is incapable of seeing Awareness. Using the mind to see objective phenomena is in the skill set of the mind. Using the mind to pursue the documentation of Awareness is futile.

GP2C4158.jpgOnly our awareness can see Awareness. Despite the ubiquity of Awareness, it cannot be found in the confines of thoughts and things. Awareness can only be seen by Awareness. Eternity can only be understood by eternity. The mind cannot grasp the boundlessness of forever Now.

GP2C4168.jpgIdentity with the mind/body is confusion and conflict with how we experience life. Life is always in the Now, is permanent, is Knowing and non-dualistic. Mind is impermanent, unreal, and separate. The mind’s version is not how our experience, our bodies, and the universe actually work. Our identity cannot be found in the box called the mind/body. Our identity can be found in the subtleness that gives space to the parade we commonly refer to as ‘life’.

Belief and identity conspire to create our personal Santa Claus’. This fiction is a deep read in dysfunctional behavior. When we are caught up in this masquerade, we cannot see the forest for the trees. What is intimate with us is practically speaking, as far away as Pluto. What is closer than close is and always remains, Awareness.

GP2C4159.jpgAwareness really never leaves. It can be severely obfuscated and denied by the false self, which finds the mind a key ally in maintaining it’s existence.
‘Pushing’ is characteristic of mind. Effortlessness is characteristic of Pure Awareness.

The delusion is hypnotic. The hypnosis is a normality of dysfunction. The trance of ego/mind/false self is misidentification with our fictional Santa Claus. We are so enamored with it all, we say it is more fun to just believe. Belief is certainty without fact and a ceding to a construct that cannot be explored. It cannot be explored because we stopped the investigation due to blind allegiance to belief.

It all sounds so stupid when we look at the lack of real infrastructure to the fictitious self. Nevertheless, we plow right on through. And we miss the certainty of Awareness that really Knows. This unacquired knowledge is perennially Present. Access to The knowledge, is found by releasing the grip of both hands, on the ‘idea’ that the ’presumed’ identity knows.

The myth that is created by all of the shenanigans above, is that Awareness can not be easily obtained. In reality It can’t because It already Is. It’s invisibility is consistently not available with the lesser vehicle called the mind. However, It’s visibility Is Now available once we clear the space of cathected objects that darken our sky. In ‘this’ very Moment we can access ‘that’ effortlessness through inquiry e.g. “Am I Aware?”

GP2C4144.jpgGlimpses of Awareness increase to constancy when we choose to Be in the Moment rather than default into the addiction of thinking, to wit, the mind. Seeing the space first and last, where the parade of thoughts makes itself known, puts emphasis on where the emphasis and choice is most fortuitous. Choosing the Awareness before and after thoughts, is using the true freedom available in the Now.

GP2C4145.jpg“Our Self, pure Awareness, is at home in the Now; the separate self is at home in time. For this reason, they never meet.” -Rupert Spira

The Presence of Awareness is blatantly obvious in the knowing of Now. It may be formless, objectless, unquantifiable, but It Is the Knower that is Us before and after any form. Identity Is Here and Now and not in any parade. The parade cannot grasp the emptiness of infinite space, which is saying too much about It, Awareness, while contemporaneously saying too little. This is the visability of the invisible. Forget the movie, See the ’screen’. It’s Christmas.

This Iz Daddy’O

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