DSC00046.jpgDSC00078.jpgBy beginning with thoughts, objects, and/or conditional existence, our emphasis and subsequent analysis, wrongly assumes that the ‘hard’ reality of an endpoint (matter), is where any exploration should start. This is ass-backwards. Our beliefs, though, fully support this false proposition. Believing we are separate temporal bodies, has direct ramifications to enabling distorted and conjured physical and psychological energies to accumulate to a field of obscuration. Consequently, we get firmly embedded in the illusion.

DSC00084.jpgReality is, that everything we see is within us not outside of us. All experience is within, while our belief is contrarily telling us it is outside. Awareness does not See ‘it’ that way. Awareness is first, matter is last and consequent. The Knower, in the background, always Knows the a priori.

DSC00096.jpgMoreover, there is an output of struggle and resistance to using the secular path of beginning with matter. Outcomes, for sure, include, no sustainable contentment in the horizon of ’time’. Additionally, in the imaginary field of ’time’, there are characteristics of linearity, separateness and magical thinking. It is a clear departure from our actual experience of reality. This ‘struggle’ moves us quickly past the Moment of Now into a cementing of the delusion DSC00098.jpgof believing linear time is real. Our direct experience tells us, Now is only always Now.

DSC00080.jpgThoughts are a separation from the no-time of Now. Thoughts are in the ‘idea’ of linear time. The mind is only expressed through thoughts. Our belief that we are our mind/thoughts, crashes us on the shores of illusion. The duality of us/them and me versus the universe, is birthed.

How do we know this? The mind, and the endpoint called thought, cannot tell us the answer. The wave as identity, cannot fathom the depth of the ocean. The wave comes from the depths of the ocean. Beginning to See from the aspect of the wave is much more indirect and distant than taking the understanding of starting with the Ocean as the source. Awareness has never left any part of the Ocean. Awareness has just been obscured in the viewpoint of the wave. Identity, as only the wave, is ignoring the whole Ocean.

“To begin with, I, Awareness, am found as the witness in the background of experience. Then, objects recede into the background and I shine in the foreground of experience. Then, the apparent distinction and distant e between Myself and objects dissolves, and I am found in everything and everyone, and everyone and everything is found in Me.” – Rupert Spira

Awareness, not unlike the ocean, is ever-present, flowing and knowing Itself. Awareness Is Knowing. Knowing Is Awareness in the perpetuity of Now. Identity as a ‘wave’ is viable only when we See the ‘wave’ as a contiguous piece of the Ocean where there is no separation. The superficiality of me, the wave, is separation. Consciousness begins with the Ocean, never leaving a drop unsustained. Consciousness hails from Formlessness going into the objectification of form. DSC00055.jpgTo start with form, is to start with mis-identity with the form, and ideally working towards true identity, in the Formless. This is a hard and difficult winding path. Identity in form is looking for that ‘something’ far away, while in reality it has always been Present, even in the object-ness of form.

DSC00065.jpgTrue identity is the Formlessness of bottomless Ocean, first. No objects can be found there. The mind cannot see the Ocean. But the Ocean is more real than any object. Knowing Awareness ‘Sees’ everything and non-thing. Starting here, presupposes immediate success, when there is a realization that ‘that’ subtleness is the progenitor of everything.

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