DSC00093.jpgLight, as measured in a vacuum, travels 186,282 miles per second. In terms of mph, light travels 670,616,629 mph. Earth can be circumnavigated 7.5 x’s in one sec

ond by light. The density of matter can slow down light if it travels through objects. Otherwise the speed of light does not vary as to time, place, or space.

DSC00081.jpgThought, an object in the space of consciousness, travels even faster than light as it is a subtler object. Instantaneously we can arrive anywhere we can imagine in this limitless universe.

In either case, light or thought, we are dealing with objects or manifestations of matter. Identification with thought predisposes us to limitation of Self. Despite it’s subtlety, thought is a temporary outcome of our Being. Committing to staying and traveling exclusively on this ‘thought’ highway has inherent limitations despite some speed advantages.

Thoughts are at best intermittent and very temporary. They are useful if we see their advantages, disadvantages, and limiting characteristics. Mind is only present when thoughts are present. The starting and stopping of thoughts occurs in the timelessness of no-space. Thoughts being objects, have a linear time signature that underscores their stopping and starting.

DSC00066.jpgThe speed bumps of thoughts are their discontinuity and limitation. Even as speedy as they may seem, thoughts keep our speed down due to their nature of being objects i.e. objectivity.

Lastly, thoughts are only meager representatives of reality. They are not absolute. They cannot be Truth, as Truth cannot be objectified.

DSC00095.jpgThe skyway of highways is the ‘no highway,’ the objectless-ness of Pure Awareness. This backdrop to every ‘thing’ is the space between thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and sensations. The occurrence of these objects must take place in some type of field. This field is not a place. It ‘Is’ without characteristic. That emptiness is infinite potential.

Whom we Are is defined by what we attenuate as identity. When we are caught up with the endpoints of matter, to wit, identification with ego-mind and thoughts, we practice limitation and embrace density as our god. Awareness, despite it’s ubiquity, consequently is denied It’s effulgence. Things, relationships, and ideas seemingly thwart the no-pushingness of the Absolute.

Pure Awareness is everything to include the objects and their names, forms, and highways. The no-thingness of Source is our true identity without form. When we travel to the root, the infrastructure of infrastructures, there is only one consciousness that is not bound by time and space. Speed is a moot point. Seeing that It Is every form, before and after (Now), is the ticket. When We Are the Formless, where everything is birthed; control and/or speed, is inconsequential.

This ‘Beyond’ is beyond thinking and form and containment. The bedrock of ‘nothingness’ is the most permanent and stable identity of ‘I’. Every ‘thing’ else is just a ‘thing’.

DSC00097.jpgThe wave forgot that it is really the substrate of creation, that is, water. There is no essential difference of the wave from the ocean. The exception and confusion is mis-identification with the wave.

“Time isn’t precious at all, because it is an illusion. What you perceive as precious is not time but the one point that is out of time: the Now. That is precious indeed. The more you are focused on time—past and future—the more you miss the Now, the most precious thing there is.”
― Eckhart Tolle

Being has no time and ergo no speed. Being with ‘Being’ requires a departure from systemic generational beliefs of subject/object relationships. Identification with one Awareness precludes ‘separation’ into us/them. Us/them is the deification of objects as a primary fore-parent to Consciousness. This is heresy to our direct experience of Consciousness.

Consciousness has no gaps, ever. Awareness never sleeps, changes, or is modified by thoughts or things. Awareness has no boundaries or edges. Awareness can only divine Awareness. The discontinuity and fragmentation of the vehicle of thought cannot know the boundless and continual nature of a non-object. Awareness is the Source of everything.

Shifting our resources of Seeing Consciousness as the alpha/omega of our experience and existence, is essential to leaving the not so quiet desperation of our so-called lives. Fulfillment Is the fullness of Being effortlessly Now.

The idea that there is more, is an idea and not Reality. The hidden feature is staring us square in the face, constantly there waiting without pushing, abiding for our journey back to Self from Self. That is the shortest and fastest route because it Is Now.

This Iz Daddy’O

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