GP2C4217.jpgThe body and world is in Awareness -Awareness is not in the body.

GP2C4234.jpgThe subtlety of where the ‘I’ is located has profound implications for the subsequent effectiveness in reuniting with the Formless.These locational and consequential behaviors, can either exacerbate the imposition of limitations or liberate consciousness from the confines of finiteness.

GP2C4237.jpgConceptually we may understand that the Formless is the progenitor of every thing. However, we undermine this understanding with our visceral conditioning that states that there is a subject/object relationship still present when we believe the following. We see that the Formless is within the structure of the body/mind/self.

The Formless, or Awareness, or Knowing, is always first. Being ‘first’ means that ‘all that’ cannot be contained in the lesser vessel of the body/mind/world. What is often confused, almost by design, is that “God” is within us. That would mean that the infinite would be stored in the finite -not possible. Despite this, this belief, is prevalent in most of the 7 billion+ universes alive today.

To secure the vestigial unshackling of the false self, is to unlock this elemental vestige of thinking/believing. Without the ’Seeing’ and ‘Knowing’ of this pretense, we are still locked in a false belief of Being. That is, despite the internal experience of ‘Knowing’, we as a finite consciousness, cannot contain infiniteness, in the body/mind or otherwise. Eternity contains Itself. (And words fail again.)

GP2C4261.jpgMetaphorically, we are not the ‘actors’ but the director (and/or screen). The error is the actors believing that the director is within their limited temporary roles, that aren’t really even real.The actors on the screen can only be ‘actors’ in roles. The screen or the director, is where all stories, roles, and originate. To mistake the ’Source’ of whom we Are, and where “We” Is, is to place artificial limitation on the eternal knowing screen of Awareness.

The body/mind/world is located in Pure Awareness, the Source of every thing. To mis-locate the Formlessness inside of our vehicles, is to create false identity and unnecessary artificial distance from Pure Awareness. We Are in Awareness, the only true identity.

When we open or close our eyes, Awareness is Present. All sensations of the body, all thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of the mind, are in the field of Awareness. The world only exists through our perceptions. Awareness is Present in all situations. Objects, like the body and mind, cannot hold, let alone discern the emptiness/fullness of Awareness. To believe that ‘Knowing’ can be transferred to an object, is to not see the true nature of ‘Knowing’.

The ‘screen’ is perennially unchanged and can allow any movie to play, without any impact on the screen. Operant conditioning, inaccurately, tells us that ‘things’ have Consciousness. Consciousness has things as all things are in Consciousness, to include our body/mind conceptions.

Awareness is not located in the body, mind, or world.

GP2C4267.jpgThe idea that we are only a role being played, gains automatic merit when we See that Every thing is in Consciousness first and not matter (first). To start with matter, is to twist and distort Reality at the outset.

Correcting this error goes a long way to aligning oneself to Oneself.

“Opennesss to all experience is not something we, as Awareness, do; it is what we are.” Rupert Spira

Merging into the Formless is form realizing it is in Formlessness first. To miss the point, is to believe we are the body or some such matter, that has at it’s core, gross separateness. Seeing the unity is seeing and ‘Knowing’ nothing but Formlessness going into Formlessness. The screen exists before and after the movie. Enjoy the snacks.

This Iz Daddy’O

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