GP2C4342.jpgWhat is it that gives continuity to the temporary transactions that are our perceptions, thoughts, images, feelings, and sensations? The fleeting impermanence of the imagined hardness of reality, is clearly marked for the bin of “over and done with” in a short period of time. In order for all this ‘trash’ to grow into a heap of ‘nothing’, commands a presence that can watch all ‘that’ go by without a blink, response, or investment. That presence cannot be temporary. If there was a perceived ’temporary’, then it must be contrasted by a ‘known’ field of permanence that ‘allows’ all that. Otherwise, when thinking stopped, we would incur gaps of unconsciousness.

If the ‘permanence’ were made of the clay of temporariness, then there would be no essential difference in longevity of objects or eternity.Ergo, the ‘permanent’ must be of a construction of impermanent materials. Or more to the point, not of the impermanence of materialism.

GP2C4296.jpg‘Matter’ is by it’s nature governed by a lifespan. It cannot exist eternally. Additionally, it is only our experience that makes it real. Without experiencing it (matter), we would not be in a so-called world. The Eternal makes that clear, if only by contrast of It’s inexpugnability versus the temporal phenomena of objective matter. Bold inquiry into the Ineffable can upend the belief system that supports matter as progenitor of consciousness.

The space between thoughts and sensations is filled with impermanence.At the same time, that ‘space’ is unlimited and timeless and clutter-free. The temporary is bound by time. Impermanence is Now and always vibrantly Now.

To suggest that the Now can be plumbed and understood by the temporary objects of matter, is to not realize the inequity of the GP2C4316.jpgequation.

Standing, Now, on our two feet, we See that there is, clearly and unambiguously,a part of Ourselves, that is constantly Present from birth to death. To take it a step further, It Is Present before and after death, if we see the merit of impermanence. It’s Presence does not depend on belief or non-belief. ’That’ belief construct, is merely another ‘object’ that is essentially dross to “What Is”. “What Is” cannot be affected by impermanent objects.

GP2C4353.jpgWhat aspect of the impermanent is discernible to the mind that is bound by time? What leaks through the veil of matter, mind, and false self, is ‘knowing’. Knowing is the quintessential feature of constancy in all thoughts, sensations, and perceptions. That is, all the tools we use in ingesting the idea of our so-called world are clearly bound by the limited entry points (perception/sensation) we allow ourselves to See. ‘Knowing’ is the constant in an otherwise in-constant world.

The knowledge that we had a thought, perception, or any sensation, is embedded with knowledge of ’it’. This constancy of ‘knowing’ abides even in the seemingly temporary. The ‘knowing’ never stops even when thoughts, ideas, images, perceptions of bodily sensations cease.

“Knowing” also has knowledge of Itself aka the Now. Only Knowledge can See the Source of Knowledge.

We awake from deep sleep with no memory of it. The ‘Knowing’ knows, but access through the limited vocabulary of the mind, cannot, due to it (mind)
not being Present. However, continuity of our life is sustained when we awake with our mind in gear. Like ‘space’, ‘knowing’ is perennially Present even when mind is not. The accessory of ‘mind’ is merely what it is, i.e. an accessory. When thoughts are not Present, mind is also absent.

When the accessory of mind is used, Knowing is Present and knows objects through mediated attention. When the accessory of mind is not Present, then Knowing is still remaining Present. ‘Knowing’ is not contingent on the presence or absence of mind, body, thought, feeling, or sensation.

There is one infinite space no matter how we may divide it up. Similarly, there is one eternal unacquired Knowledge no matter how much we ‘think’ we know or don’t know. Space and Knowledge belong to the Us in the Universe.

GP2C4376.jpgThe pureness of Self is It’s fullness of the Nothingness of Everything without form and with the manifestation of form. This ’Space’ and ‘Knowledge’ is not definable because It’s nature is not an objective creation. The ’Source’ is merely the ‘Source’ without a cognitive box surrounding It. Only objects can be boxed.

The residue of the constancy of empty space and the always ‘Knowing’ of our deeper Self, are the most discernable cameo appearances of Divine Energy available. And in this continued discernment, the background truly becomes the foreground.

Exploration of the “Knowing”, reveals it is the only Reality that persists in our experience. Being Knowingly Aware can only take place in the zone of Now.It is nonstop because ‘Now’ is always eternally Now. Knowing is the only consistent identity we have.

“There is no knower of experience and no experience that is known; there is just the knowing of it. In fact, not the knowing ‘of it’. We never find the ‘it’; we know just Knowing, and it is Knowing that knows only Knowing.” Rupert Spira

Tuning into the backdrop of Everything on a continual basis, allows the recognition of Self to come forward in our experience to Be our experience. Being effortlessly, reveals no pushing anywhere within the infinite space-like Awareness.The unity of that acceptance, is Being ’that’ Love that Knows no separateness.

This Iz Daddy’O

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