IMG_1132.jpgIs the heart content? If happiness and contentment are Present in the Heart, then there is nothing to do. All is done. The ‘doing’ comes in when we ‘think’ we have not accomplished what we needed to do. But that is a cognitive framing. Heart informs us so much more closely with a subtleness that is soft and sweet.

The emptiness or hollowness of the ‘feeling’ we often have in our ‘search’,underscores that something is missing.It prompts us to seek some ‘thing’ in some presumed direction, in order to secure happiness.

But what is filling and thrilling our hearts now? If it is not there right now, then the “What Is” is not fully Present in our vehicle (the body/mind). Finding the Fullness of Whom we Are, is the beginning of finding the ‘missing’ part, ideally In the Now of this Moment.

It is not so much that ‘It’ is not Present. It is more that ‘It’ is not given unfettered access to the heart. Heart is being occupied by un-fulfillment and it’s consequences. A search for objects of relationship, amplified experience, and glorified objects, occupies and pushes us right past the front-and-center of Awareness. “Alternative facts” misinform Us.

The ‘more importance’ of ‘thinking’ displaces the natural bliss and contentment. The fear of not getting what we want, makes desire the king. When in reality we Are what we want, and desire has nothing to do with It. Often desire moves us away from Seeing clearly.

Awareness does not push, but will be pushed out of the Presence of the heart. However,the ‘Knowing’ is still Present but It’s glory is compromised due to the shifting of resources away from the Self to the body/mind/ego/false-self.The ‘Knowing’ is the Awareness that is never not Present.

Awareness does not push. Separate Self pushes. Awareness abides and has experience come to It. There is no seeking. Awareness has no need to seek because It Is Everything.

Separate self looks out to get something since that ’something’ is missing. This pushiness is a marker for the separate self. The spam of thought occupies our attention.

The lack of pushiness on Awareness’s part is consistent with abiding and contentment. There is nothing that has to be done from the viewpoint of Awareness.There is something to do in the view of the separate self.

IMG_1136.jpgThe heart has brought us to where we are now and the circumstances we have. If our heart is focused on the objective changing world, then we see those consequences bear fruit with the palpable vicissitudes of the parade of life.

When the heart is exploding with joy at the connection of Being, the circus of the extraneous is much less relevant. Being fills the heart so, so that the piece (and peace) that was missing, is found. The Fullness is content. How could it be otherwise? There is no need to go outside in the parade, except to give affection without the need to getting affection. The “Fullness” is always full.

‘Going outside’ means ‘looking’ outside in the world of temporary things to find fulfillment. When we ‘look’ we search outside of Ourselves ‘looking’ for Ourselves.

In contrast, when we ’See’ Ourselves, we ’See’ as the Consciousness that is first before matter and phenomena. The ’Seeing’ is a sinking into our heart and soul of Self, Now. It is quite the opposite of pushing away into the external and temporary idea of a world and objects.

IMG_1134.jpgIn this subtleness of going inward, we connect with the Formless of Everything within us first. Our interactions with the world are then enhanced with freedom to Be without the fear-based ideas polluting our connection to no-thing (Consciousness) and to the world of every-thing.

“You are my ground, my safe and sound.” Leonard Cohen

When the heart is Awake,the world is contained in Consciousness. Objects don’t have Consciousness. Consciousness has objects. When it all starts with Consciousness, Consciousness abides uninterruptedly.

Moreover, we do not have Consciousness, Consciousness has us, just like other objects. When we begin to identify as Consciousness, our hearts ’See’ the Consciousness in everyone and every thing. “Consciousness first” means our identity is found as the ‘missing’ piece, in Consciousness. Our hearts lead us back into the objectless knowing Self that has no characteristics or ‘objective’ qualities.

An Awakened heart Knows the real/unreal by being Aware of Itself. We can ’See’ Awareness when we stop ‘looking’ outward. Every thing is inside our Knowing hearts. Going “too cognitive”, separates Knowing into form. Even then, the Knowing is still Present but hidden.

Whatever we set our hearts on, we will lovingly and dutifully follow. Awakened hearts choose the Now every time, every Moment. ‘See’ by sinking effortlessly in the love of our heart. There is no ‘looking’ necessary. ‘See’ from the heart. It Is all the Knowing Now.

This Iz Daddy’O

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