GP2C4399.jpgWe spend most of our days traveling from one thing to the next thing. We infuse ourselves with the rigor of requiring ourselves to have this regimen as a core part of our lives. Even in a non-work situation, we must go from one activity to the next activity, lest we lose ourselves in idleness and embed uselessness in our personality. So we think.

GP2C4397.jpgWe have tricked ourselves into the proverbial life of desperation. The desperateness ‘to do’ is our 24/7 mission.

This inculcation has completely overshadowed our true identity. Thinking and doing has replaced Being and effortlessness. We aim to force ‘doing’ to give us the happiness and contentment ‘doing’ is incapable of providing. And ‘forcing’, should tell us something too.

The traveling of going from one object to another, is a presumed continuity. However, it is a delusionary process. The sustenance is not provided by movement from one object to another object. Sustenance is provided by the backdrop that gives continuity to objects as well as objectless space. Additionally, beyond objects and objectlessness, is Awareness.Awareness is never defined by objects nor objectlessness. Awareness Is It’s own sustenance.

Fearing too long of a gap between activities, is confirmation that the separate and false sense of self, is being supported and groomed for identity. Fear is the feeling if we stop, we will implode and fail as human beings. Fear is not a good source of fuel. “Knowing” is far less fascist and supportive of engagement in activity. “Knowing” Is Awareness.

Belief, false belief, is established by the overindulgence and exclusiveness of attachment to activity.That allegiance gives additional momentum to stuckness. When we do not have an object to go to, we feel empty and unfulfilled. This is double-downed by societal norms, where an additional push is found.

GP2C4409.jpgOur experience,tells us a different reality. We experience constant gaps, not only in between our thoughts, but between desires and fleeting objects of pursuit. There really is no constancy of thoughts and sensations, in the sense of ‘no gaps’. The holes in the ‘thinking’ tell us that there is something else that fills the gaps.

GP2C4421.jpgOur experience is sustained and is known by what fills the gaps. Experience tells us that the stability of this ‘filler’ has no depth, length of time, nor is It diminishing in the least. Time is nonexistent in these empty moments because the gaps are not in time. Mind cannot measure It, because It is not perceivable by mind (i.e. thoughts). This boundless eternity is the real Us that gives real sustenance because ’that’ sustenance is Us.

GP2C4415.jpgProblem is that it needs to be Seen, not looked at or for. Looking is outward into the phenomena of the temporary. Seeing can sight the eternal through Awareness. The eternal is Seeing Itself with Itself. The Seeing and the ’Seen’ are the same. This non duality has no subject/object separation. ’Seeing’ is sinking in.

Objects, things, and activities are not primary for Awareness, our true nature. Diving in too far into activities or things, invites limited thinking, artificial separation, and distancing from Ourselves.

GP2C4407.jpgBeliefs, those things which have no foundation in our direct experience, dig in and support this faux existence and subsequent desperateness to achieve something and be recognized (ego aggrandizement). The role is believed to be real while the ‘substance’ of backdrop is discarded as un-real.

The ‘substance’, of course, cannot be found by mind, thoughts, and sensations -all the lesser vehicles we believe in. ‘Looking’ for substance (in things and activities) instead of ’Seeing’ the a priori of Awareness, is ‘effort’ looking for ‘effortlessness’.

The naturalness of Being is empty of any ‘pushing’, ’seeking’,’searching’ by the collectiveness of the mind and it’s individual thoughts. Effort will have to be made until it is ’Seen’ that effort is unskillful in becoming something we already Are. Experiential learning of the Truth of Whom we Are is necessary in order to tease out the specious beliefs that deride our connection to Ourselves.

“Although a first glimpse of reality is an event of cosmic proportions, it may remain unnoticed at first and work its way in the background of the mind until the egoistic structure collapses, just as a building severely damaged by an earthquake remains stand- ing for some time and collapses a few months later, gradually or suddenly. This effect is due to the fact that the glimpse does not belong to the mind. The mind, which until now was the slave of the ego, becomes the servant and lover of the eternal splendor that illuminates thoughts and perceptions. As a slave of the ego, the mind was the warden of the jail of time, space and causation; as a servant of the highest intelligence and a lover of the supreme beauty, it becomes the instrument of our liberation.” -FRANCIS LUCILLE

GP2C4427.jpgWhen we have ’Seen’ for Ourselves, that going from thing to thing, without consideration of the necessity of the ultimate connection, is futile, we stop the outside search and go into the backdrop to everything/nothing. The ‘Fullness’ abides instantaneously when our sustaining beliefs and agenda is discarded.This Is the home of homes where our heart ‘Knows’ It’s own Fullness.

I am You. You are God.

GP2C4429.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O

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