Thoughts do not have consciousness, ever. Nor could thoughts ever house consciousness. Consciousness predates thoughts in any and every moment. Consciousness never really leaves while thoughts come and go constantly. Thoughts would not be known if not for consciousness.

GP2C4516.jpgPerseverating and over-valuing thoughts contributes to their stickiness and addictive quality.

GP2C4483.jpgThoughts have a tendency to keep on coming back like the energizer bunny, especially if we are uncomfortable with them. The same ones often show up but in a slightly different form and under different conditions. Their content and emotional impact also can vary. Our conditioning and belief systems prompt their prominence and insistence on showing up tirelessly on our inner screen, seemingly displacing Awareness.

Thoughts also have a commanding imperative due to their addictive quality of “maintaining control”. Without control, without the general field commander, ego, we are doomed to failure and perdition, so we think. How thoughtless!

The Pure Awareness of whom we are has no ’stickiness’, ever. If there is ‘stickiness’ present then we are not experiencing the independence of ’this’ Awareness. Awareness is free and without limitation and form. No characteristic is It’s characteristic, although Awareness has qualities -qualities of freedom, peace, effortlessness, and eternity. This ‘Awareness’ Is a Reality without opposites. Illusion is not the opposite of Reality because Reality just ‘Is’. Illusion is ’that’ that has no existence despite the achievement of pretending to be an object.

When thoughts are present, mind is present. When mind is present, ego can be present.Ego is an illusion that we firmly believe in despite it’s lack of foundation. Thoughts and ideas are not foundation. Selective information is not reality. What persists is ignorance (of the illusion of separate self). Ego, through thought, invokes limitation and temporariness. These are both valid qualities of ego when identification is misplaced in it. Otherwise ego functioning can be useful in transacting this world.

GP2C4519.jpg“The self is beyond all concept, all projection. It is why we cannot steer ourselves to it under our own steam and must wait for it to solicit us. But when it invites us, we must say yes joyfully, without hesitation. The decision belongs to us, the only decision in which we truly have a free choice.” -Francis Lucille

So when we are stuck in a thought rut, like illusory ego, it is rather easy to sort out that we are not Present. Presence allows any movement, accepts uncertainty easily, is sourced from the stability of Awareness, and is not reactive. Awareness sees everything without any attachment or neediness. Presence in the Moment is the rubber hitting the road when we expect nothing, demand nothing and fully ‘accept forever’, the perceived quality of what is being offered right Now.

In order to ‘do’ the above we must first ‘be’ the above. Being is integrating the phenomena we experience fully and without reservation. Any reservation keep us in a resistance to “What Is”. That precludes the ‘everything’ from being in our direct experience because we traded down to fear and control.

GP2C4477.jpgThoughts are second and/or not relevant to this integration. In order to experience Consciousness as having everything, there must be a start and finish with Consciousness as everything. To do less is to be less, i.e. less integrated.

Thoughts will find their correct place in the pantheon of formlessness and form after the identity factor is understood deeply, to be only, the Consciousness that is undiminished and eternally Present.

GP2C4479.jpgExperience, not thoughts, tells us ‘this’ Reality in ‘this’ Moment Now. We Are Consciousness first before any thought. See and experience ‘that’.

This Iz Daddy’O

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