GP2C4609.jpgIf not now, when? If not You, who? Going from timeless to time, going from fullness to scarcity, is not the direction to happiness and contentment. However, it is what we do, continually. Is enough ever enough? Are our goals ever really achieved? Have we experienced a sustained contentment that results in dropping the struggle to leave whom we ‘think’ we are to some thing else we wish we were?

No. That path is overrun with futility. Is it not? That direction is the same maze we are running with the same outcomes. Really. What are we doing but doing?

GP2C4555.jpg“Being’ is not dependent on ‘doing’. Doing is an outgrowth of ‘Being’. “Being’ starts and finishes with ‘Being’ because ‘Being’ never leaves our connection as eternal identity. Our ‘Fullness’ has to go nowhere in time nor needs any ‘thing’ to Be ‘Full’.

GP2C4600.jpgEven getting any so-called ‘knowledge’, is supplemental to what is already Present. Getting more knowledge to Be, is the mind ‘thinking’ ‘it’ desires to be content with more, to transform itself into something better. This charade is another cover-up to continuing the theme of mind being king and endpoint, first and foremost.

GP2C4579.jpgThis ‘separateness’ cannot abide in the Oneness of Everything i.e. universal consciousness that is the same consciousness in everyone at all times. Belief, feel it, feel it now, keeps us imprisoned in this camp of body-mind first and Consciousness, second. This error of reversal of priorities, is pivotal, in our perennial imprisonment.

Understanding the above first, secures the keys for liberation. Using the understanding to leave the self-imposed lower consciousness of matter, is the next step. Belief is our invisible prison guard. We have been so duped. Check with experience.

GP2C4603.jpgWhen we interact with others, we can sustain the separateness by divisively underscoring the fear that drives us with the thinking that our core is not the same core as the other person (no matter who they may be or represent to us). Starting with the cataloguing of differences achieves the endpoint of separateness swiftly, with fear to follow.

Rather than ‘react’ to all those peccadillos, we can act from Our Beingness, which is the only ‘Knowing’ there Is, first. By selecting this preference over the knee-jerk us-them, subject-object, we begin with unity and integration. This, given the frequency of our interaction with others, gives us ample opportunity and practice to ‘retool’ our consciousness to “What Is” over the erroneousness of fear and separateness.

It is an important starting point that determines the universe of whom we are or are not. To ignore this as another ‘concept’ is to not test the mettle of real experience. Only experiential interested exploration will yield any substance of a palpable quality of life change. Belief has no foundation.

“Our essential nature of pure Awareness has no agenda with the mind, body or world. It is like empty space, completely allowing, and yet indifferent to whatever appears within it. However, it is not a cold, distant indifference: it gives its substance utterly and intimately to whatever appears within it. As such, it is a loving indifference. Be knowingly this loving indifference.” -Rupert Spira

As with anything that we already are, to struggle with it is to lose it.Love can guide our hand to ’See’ clearly with no pushing, and achieve our true nature of connection to all things. Love is integrative and disintegrates separation from Self, as Love is Self.

Even behind struggle, there is infinity of Being. See ‘that’. Be ‘that’, effortlessly. Identity is all ‘that’. The other phenomena is temporary.

Not as a chore but as a choice, we can harness the depth of Self beyond definition, especially so, because it cannot be an object. This subtlety is free from time, space, illusion, and seeming content. Being ‘that’ is sustenance.

Practice “Beingness” which takes no practice. Beingness Is. “Knowing” is the best practice as it Is Being. “Knowing” can See any ‘pushing’ as foreign to the Fullness.

Beingness is in no-time, experience ‘this’ Knower. Contentment is no-pushing, ever. It Is just right.

Losing the starting point of separate self and matter (our bodies and minds) allows obfuscation to clear. ’See’ It always in every Moment. Every Moment is the right Moment when timelessness abides.

Actually we never leave the Now. Experiential inquiry reveals the falseness of belief and the validity of this consideration.

GP2C4606.jpgFullness cannot be added to. Fullness gives sustenance to every thing.Contentment is the effortless abiding in the ‘Fullness’. Endpoints of phenomenological ‘stuff’ have no bearing on the Fullness and Formlessness of contentment.

See the Reality of ‘others’ as Self.

This Iz Daddy’O

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