What Is Present Now? What Is Always Present? How do we Know? Who Is the Knower?

The ‘Knowing’ Knows Now. Is there ever any not ‘Knowing’? The Knowing of these words is the same Knowing for the writer as it is for any reader. The universal Knowing is only one Knowing for everyone.

GP2C4645.jpgIt is the conceptual ‘belief’ that undermines the ‘Knowing’ to be less than It Is. It Is the emptiness of ‘no knower’ that prevents the mind from recognizing this non-quantity. No-thing is never found despite It’s ubiquity. This Is the Reality we often refuse to accept when the mind (thoughts) pushes it’s need for ‘things’. Unless we have ‘things’, the mind believes that any ‘thing’ that is not there, is not real. Reality is the un-real (no-thing) that the mind trips over while always chanting the necessity of things.’Knowing’ is not a thing. “Knowing’ is everything while Being nothing.

GP2C4660.jpgInsisting on the presence of a ‘knower’ undermines the effortlessness of ‘Knowing’. Immersion in the ignorance of not ’Knowing’, keeps us from the truth of ‘It’. ‘It’ is always Knowing even when not known and ‘It’ never Is anything but the “Knowing’.

Who Knew? We already Know, Now. There is no need to do. Doing is reactive when there is nothing to be done.Knowing is done. Doing is redundant. Being Is. Being Is without doing. There is no doing in Being. The effort of doing often keeps Being at bay. Knowing Is Being with no doing necessary.

Who is the one that receives this information? If it is whom we think we are, then the wrong recipient is identifying and thereby preventing the ‘message’ from getting to the correct recipient. The false self cannot get the message because being the false self colors the message in a way that precludes understanding the message.

GP2C4681.jpgIt is precisely by removing the false recipient, by ‘Seeing’ it as illusory, that we can really hear the truth of the message. Since the false self is illusory, no pushing is necessary to vacate it. “Seeing’ ‘it’ clearly with our ‘Knowing’ is enough. The problem is knowing the ‘Knowing’ well enough to ‘Be’ ‘It’, and to do the non-doing of ’Seeing’. It’s Presence is a clear unencumbered objectlessness. “Seeing’ it can only be ‘Seen’ by ‘It’ (and not the senses, thoughts, or perceptions). We are the ’Seeing’ of what we are not. There is no object or identity in the ’Seeing’ (Knowing).

“The mind is obsessed with the idea of being a self. And it doesn’t recognize: That’s the dilemma. Your attention orbits around the planet Self all day, because the self provides the gravitational pull to all the thoughts, making them about YOU.” -Paul Hedderman

GP2C4675.jpgMis-identification with our ’stuff’ always complicates the very simple issue of Being effortless naturally.

GP2C4615.jpg‘Knowing’ knows effortlessly all things and non-things. ‘Knowing’ does not incarnate in form. It is untainted by form. What we are looking for is ‘the Looking’. See ’That’.Identify with the formlessness of ’That’.

The ‘knower’ is an unnecessary necessity of the temporal mind. ‘Knowing’ Is all there Is, ever.

This Iz Daddy’O

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