And that ‘something’ is nothing.

What we are looking for is what is ‘looking’. If we fall into the trap of looking for ‘things’, ‘things’ that are just an expression of the mis-identity of whom we ‘think’ we are, we fail immediately.

GP2C4739.jpgLooking or searching for that ‘better’ me, is still in the ‘me’. The ‘me’ is an object of the mind and not Reality. It is manufactured by thoughts and ideas that have been objectified as the separate creature ‘owning’ this separateness.

GP2C4737.jpgThe ‘telling’ clue in the fruitless search, is that we typically come up with another object that our mind can suggest we can become. That ‘thinking’ is the mind stifling evolution of Self with more ‘self’.Losing ‘self’ means losing the preoccupation of thoughts (or mind),and thereby establishing a non-object as true identity. This is heresy for the mind to hear because it is giving up everything that the mind/body is and accepting the reality as ‘Us’, as being much more than a thing can possibly be.

GP2C4738.jpgGoing past the identity with the body/mind is giving the boot to the shallowness of our life, when it is discovered that the emptiness we fear is the fullness we were looking for. Except the ‘Looking’ was in all the wrong places for ‘things’. The ‘Looking’ is already here except we missed it because we thought it was not here, anywhere. We searched from the perspective of the mind/body with the idea that ‘that’ was whom we are.

GP2C4729.jpgWe were looking back from the limited perspective and could not help but have a limited perspective. Only changing our perspective of searching would change the results.

“Don’t let thinking divide loving into a lover and the beloved, feeling into a feeler and the felt, seeing into a seer and the seen, hearing into a hearer and the heard, touching into a toucher and the touched, tasting into a taster and the tasted, smelling into a smeller and the smelt, or thinking into a thinker and a thought. -RUPERT SPIRA 

GP2C4726.jpgInstead of ‘Looking’ for some thing, we look at ‘What’ is ‘Looking’. “Looking’ is prior to the content of thoughts. “It” is ‘That’ that is the knowing of the content of thoughts, perceptions, and sensations. This Awareness is eternally present without being objectified. Objectification is in the realm of mind and things. Mind and things are the end of the assembly line of life. The ‘precursor’ is the universal ‘Knowing’ and/or ’Seeing’ of all sentient creatures.

GP2C4723.jpgWhen we mindlessly identify with the body-mind, we become the landlord of the thoughts we have. That ownership then responds to the unreality of thoughts as valid due to the artificial title given to these thoughts. If they weren’t our thoughts, then we wouldn’t care. Only the idea that these thoughts are ‘ours’, seals the deal for separateness and a life of quiet desperation seeking to escape the self-made prison of dis-connection to Self.

GP2C4720.jpgLosing our mis-identification allows the perennial Self to be realized without effort. The effort was in the efforting of trying to be something we could never be from the perspective of limitation, due to the fact we already Were (eternally) and never really stopped Being.

There are no requirements for Being, as Being ‘Us’ already is Now. Losing the artifice of ‘self’ is getting out of the trick bag.

GP2C4714.jpgThe ‘self’ cannot leave. If the ‘self’ leaves, it leaves intact. The little ‘self’ must be deposed by ’Seeing’. ’True Seeing’, is that ‘it’, is an illusion that has no foundation. The remnants of what is left over, is not materially-based, but the luminous Awareness that has no form. That ’Something’ Is ’Nothing’ but everything.

Be ’That’ effortlessly Now.

This Iz Daddy’O

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