Thoughts and thinking are endpoints of the whole. Since these ‘parts’ are not complete they cannot divine the ‘whole’.

GP2C5077.jpgThe structured idea of ‘self’ is made of these mere fragments that are by their nature, incomplete. This incompleteness is an artificial illusory construct that begets the desire for ‘more’. Essentially, we look for the missing parts that will never be sufficient, as they will be mere ’things’. ’Things’ then would translate into a ‘thing’ god with ‘thing’ characteristics. We arrive right back from where we started from, i.e. ‘things’ and concepts.

The search for ‘things’ by a ‘thing’ (self) is futile because ‘things’ cannot grasp a ‘non-thing’. A concept of Awareness is not Awareness. Awareness is not ‘thing-able’.

The idea of a ‘thing’ searching for a ‘non-thing’ is lost in a failed system of thinking through ‘things’. While ‘thinking’ is useful for ‘things’, it is an utter failure at identifying mis-identity and Awareness.

’Seeing’ whom we are not, is a contraband thought only when indulging in and exclusively from, the failed system of ‘thinking’. To ’See’ the ‘thinking’ process from outside of thought i.e. Awareness, is to use a nontraditional process, that in It’s purest formlessness, is not endeared or invested in any outcome. It Is “What It Is”. The ‘self’ has no control or input into this Awareness. Only Awareness can be Aware of Awareness. And It’s Fullness can never be diminished.

GP2C5065.jpgThe Presence of Awareness is never not Present despite denials of the experience by the false self. Actually, Awareness is giving seeming reality to the seeming experience of not experiencing Self. This Oneness (Self) is truly only One. This Reality, thereby lends It’s Reality to create the false reality of what we ‘think’ we are. This is verified by the fact of only One Reality. If there is only One Reality, how could it be otherwise? 2 realities?

The Reality is essentially using ‘things’ to express Itself to itself as an artificial self. That reality, is thinking, believing, and seemingly experiencing the non-reality (dream) of self. However, Self never really stops Being Self even when pretending to be self.

The bottom line is, Self is always Present Knowing Self. There is no individual self having an experience unless we ‘believe’ we are. Belief is the no-foundation of self. We Are actually voyeurs peeking through the vehicle of self, experiencing Self and the ‘seeming’ reality only available on an illusory level. Eternity would lose It’s Eternity if the un-reality was Reality.

GP2C5080.jpgAwareness is experiencing the drama of a person. A person does not have Awareness because Awareness is prior to every ‘thing’. When we try to rehabilitate Awareness to ‘our’ liking, we are doing it from the false aspect of a person being real. This is the failed system of belief actualized.

GP2C5038.jpg“Individuality means undivided. It is the unique expression of the undivided whole that each body and mind expresses, and it flourishes when we are relieved of the straightjacket of ignorance – that is, when we stop ignoring our essential nature of pure Awareness.” -Rupert Spira

 Awareness always, unequivocally is always first and prior to all ‘things’. The starting point cannot be ‘things’. Our failure begins with the wrong starting point, i.e. the failed system of thinking and believing.

GP2C5023.jpgThere is only ‘One’ and that ‘One’ is prior to any thought, concept, or belief.Start from the no-thing of Everything and end with no-thing of any-thing, especially, as far as identity is concerned. Be effortless Self, before and/or after any thought, idea, or belief. The constant connection to Being is all of Us, Now. The ‘Oneness’ just Is. This platform is no platform.

This Iz Daddy’O

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