GP2C0052.jpgWe ‘believe’ that we have to do something. We collectively feel that more is better and nothing is worthless. This is hard-wired into our culture. We think we wouldn’t have a culture if we didn’t ‘push’.

And, we wouldn’t have good status if we didn’t strive. But what kind of culture do we have? And what consequences have we wrought on others, in order to progress ourselves? Was all ‘that’ truly beneficent? Or did the wake of what we had to ‘do’, really contribute to humanity? Conversely, did we wreak inhumanity to humanity and just say it was ‘good’ while we cherry-picked our justifications?

The current state of the world has double-downed on hypocrisy and self-serving rhetoric. The misuse of resources, personal and communal, have been used to squeeze the environment, to threaten our neighbors, and to quash the free will and freedom of the un-wealthy. Corporations have become more important than individuals. Individuals have less input into government while the elite have unfettered access.

Would doing nothing really work to undo this hot mess?

The result is that what we have done, has been inadequate. Has there been less conflict in our lives and the lives of others, globally?

To keep on doing the same thing is to assure the same result. What is it that we are doing or not doing, that facilitates the above? What can we do as an individual to not contribute to our demise, individually and collectively?

GP2C5608.jpgWe have bought into believing in the charade of the parade. And, the good news, is, it is only a false belief. Peace and happiness do not reside in the false reality of the parade and it’s attractive floats and spectacles. The parade, by it’s undeniable nature, is a pretense of the fantastical. To laud that, through specious belief, is to deny the reality of whom we Are, always.

Believing in the fantasy of the parade is contemporaneously believing in the need to push ourselves into the effortlessness we already Are. If we are that ineffable-ness we are looking for, why do we look for it in the parade? Why do we think and believe it is not Present Now? Our identity has been coopted and sold to the highest bidder. Literally, we believe we cannot be fulfilled unless we have the ‘more’ of what we think we don’t already have. Hungry ghosts with giant stomachs and minuscule mouths, we are; generating insatiable desires and thereby eluding innate happiness and contentment.

To Be whom we already Are, is effortless precisely because ‘that’ is truly Present Now. The ‘beliefs’ we carry like ID’s, obscure the most obvious. The mis-identity we create generates a separateness that is hollow. We look right past whom we really Are -not a thing.

’Nothingness’ has everything because it is burdened by no-thing, ever. Our identity with concepts of whom we ‘think’ we are, bespeak the journey to the land of hungry ghosts. We will never get there as an individual or civilization, when we look for clarity from an illusory identity. Looking must take place from ‘clarity’ and not illusory self. To see from clarity is to see from inside our selves and not outside in the phenomenological world.

Pushing is indigenous to the false self as ’it’ needs to reiterate it’s existence because it has no real existence.
This ‘falseness’ of identity is truly a non-existent thing looking for tireless affirmation of it’s existence. Through the accumulation of ‘things’ and the desperate parading through the streets of life, this false self is forever hungry.

GP2C5618.jpgIt seemingly has power, but even that is an illusion that further imprisons us to look outside for relief and freedom. Conversely, powerlessness acknowledged by the false self, can be the ticket to liberation. But that is antithetical to the nature of the false self. Arrogance and bull-headedness arise easily from a cornered false-presence.

Acknowledgment of powerlessness is a good starting point to emasculate the falseness of separate self. Giving up the pushing, is giving up the charade and allowing the Presence to be seen (as having always been Present).

Humility sincerely felt, is defaulting to the interior of self, which is Self Itself without form (no-thing-ness).
The arrogance of hard belief, leaves no room for Being. Looking outside is favoring things over nothingness.

The ‘doing’ comes only after ‘Being’. To put doing first is to create unnecessary suffering for ourselves. Whom We Are, is tirelessly abiding in ‘that’, that can’t be named. There is nothing to do to Be ‘that’. Doing something to Be ‘that’ is only an acknowledgement of the ignorance of true identity. The false and separate self is not real and thereby cannot be brought forward to realization, due to it never really existing.

“Pure intimacy, parted by thought, becomes a self and world.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C5638.jpgThe egalitarian-ness of the no-thing of Self is that ‘It’ Is all of us -one Consciousness looking at One Consciousness. When We See ‘that’, how could there be a predominance of hate and divisiveness in the world? This unity is the starting and endpoint of all conversations. Looking inside at what is Seeing, is the Us we were looking for. When there is no doer, doing nothing makes more sense. And it all gets done effortlessly.

This Iz Daddy’O

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