PROGRAMMING SELF with ‘m’ & ‘y’

GP2C0076.jpgTrue identity is prior to thoughts. Thoughts are amorphous and have a short lifespan. They disappear in seconds and reappear in slightly different form. They are never exactly the same at each appearance/reappearance. Test it out.

GP2C0112.jpgTrue identity is there in the backdrop to thoughts, abiding effortlessly and allowing as many or as little ‘thinking’ to take place. True identity is never tainted, no matter what material quality thoughts have to seemingly deliver. The acceptance of all thoughts is a characteristic of this non-thing called Self (True identity). The ‘space’ of Self is not measurable as it Is no-thing.

GP2C0109.jpgGP2C0094.jpgThe Self of True identity never needs to claim any ‘thing’ as It’s own, as It Is everything always. To claim things and processes, is typical of little self.

The self needs to claim it’s ownership, constantly, due to it’s true nature, which is non-existence. The constant claiming, falsely affirms an imaginary construct contained in a localized body-mind . This artificial limiting is sustained by repetition and belief. Some of this conditioning can be referred to as samskaras (tendencies) and vasanas (negative characteristics). This conditioning is bundled in the grouping of thoughts, commonly referred to as the mind.

GP2C0061.jpgThe mind, like the ego, can never be found to have a real existence. Only Reality can give a reality to these constructs. We do this, in large part, with and by attachment to thought. Whenever, we add ‘m’ and ‘y’ to the thought, we immediately give ‘it’ importance and the dignity of our scrutiny. When in fact, the ‘thought’ is just another thought.

GP2C0100.jpgThere are over 7 billion other people having thoughts at this moment. Do we really care about ‘those’ thoughts? Whose got time for that? They’re just thoughts. Precisely.

So here we are, thinking ‘our’ thoughts are really important and we cannot do without them. We feel we will lose our identity or something. (Is the previous sentence a belief?) If we decided to ignore our thoughts and treat them like we treat the other 7 billion people who have them, would our life really breakdown to some type of implosion? Have we tested it out?

The ’Self’ that sees the thoughts (and everything else) is what is permanent and unchanging. When there is claiming, it is not the Self but the self. If we lose a non-existing idea of whom we think we Are, are we losing anything? God, no.

So where does that leave the body-mind-character?

We are Awareness pretending to be this character. Awareness is experiencing a person (and every person).

When we say that we (the little self), have Awareness, we implicitly maintain that falsehood of whom we ‘think’ we Are. The starting point and the endpoint begins and ends with the false self. How invalid is that?! No can do (legitimately).

The loss of the false self reveals the True Self and reveals the prior-ness of True Self, even existing before this realization.

When there is ‘Oneness’, there is no other ‘one’ over there somewhere. If there was, there would not be ‘Oneness’.

“It is not necessary to get rid of thoughts, images and ideas; just cease deriving your sense of identity from them.” -Rupert Spira

Being the ‘thinker’ gives automatic binding to thoughts and their ramifications. Lose the ‘m’ and ‘y’ and you lose nothing and get Everything.

GP2C0103.jpgWe ‘Are’ what Is Aware, and that ain’t no thang.

This Iz Daddy’O

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