GP2C0182.jpgDoes it matter, as long as the message gets through, right? Yeah. It matters in that the recipient determines whether the message reaches the intended source. And it matters in that the intended source gets the message as intended.

What process would upend delivering to the target audience? Is this a real concern?

The context for this discussion, is how the false self delivers and/or receives the message. It is the false self that gets a shot at the message first, seemingly.

GP2C0170.jpgPure Knowing, without a subject that knows or an object that is known, is what we are, not what we do. Thus, for our Self, to know is to be, and to be is to know. -Rupert Spira 

The false self is constantly replicating itself in each moment due to it’s inherent fictitious-ness. This replication is occurring seemingly continuously without interruption. Yes? Except for deep sleep and dreaming, it appears to be in virtual charge of claiming itself and the things it feels are associated with it. And the moments it is indulging in, vacillate from the past to the future. The Present moment is not a stop it wants to make, because Presence does not support fictitiousness. Presence has no distortion of Reality.

GP2C0171.jpgThis ‘appearance’ is it’s altar and shrine to itself, it’s false self. Anything outside the separate and false self is part of the subject/object differentiation, also known as distortion. The starting point here is NOT unity but subject/object. This promotes a plethora of mis-identification.

GP2C0132.jpgThe replication frequency rate is rapid and thereby efficient in screening information that is either a threat to it’s falseness or an enhancement of it’s unsteady self. When a message, say of higher consciousness, is sent by an ‘outside’ source, it invariably gets twisted because it is received by the built-in bias of false self that must protect itself by claiming self in the message. To wit, the false self is looking for relief by remaining the false self and accruing the benefits of higher consciousness, all the while being ‘nonexistent’, while claiming the higher consciousness, as the false self.

The ‘pushing’ of self never stops the replication activity due to the fear of non-existence, it’s true nature. Fear produces false evidence appearing real. The false self gives it’s reality to the ‘message’ and begins owning the message to fit it’s construct. It’s construct is to survive moment by moment (as it is truly an illusion that must be reinforced to sustain itself).

So if the ‘message’ of say, higher consciousness, is that the false self is ‘false’ then ‘that’ gets twisted. Twisted into the false self wanting to be real. For the false self, which is non-existent, to really be real, is another illusion upon the primary illusion. Pretty slick.

The outcome of this example is that the non-existent self uses the evidence of it’s unreality as a reason to nurture the false self into becoming more real while still being the false non-existent self. This is false evidence being treated as if it is real. The non-existent self never can change to a real self because it was never existent, except in the folly of the false self.

GP2C0149.jpgAs long as the body, mind, ego is given credulity, that it in Reality can never expect to accept, there will never be any substantive change. The information is going into a virtual black hole with no realizable exit.

The non-existent self can never produce a breakthrough while it’s identity is in the non-existent self. It is both the prison guard with the keys and the prisoner. There is no escape while there is full-compliance with the belief in the illusion.

Once the belief in the illusion ceases without any consideration from the non-existent false self, only then can there be release to whom we have always been (at any Moment).

Iterating, as long as the recipient of the message is grabbed, claimed, and appropriated by the false self, then the outcome is bondage. How could it be otherwise?

GP2C0173.jpgMeanwhile, back at the ranch, our Self never leaves the Reality, waiting for the self-bondage to play out and undo the illusion afflicting the seemingly self-created unreality of Reality.

The unsteadiness of being a false ‘thing’ (idea) compounds release, due to fear of losing the loser identity we created. We fear having no control and not being able to run our life. What a joke! The joke is on the false self and its tireless replicating to exist as a temporary falsehood.

When we see whom is receiving the message and understand that ‘that’ recipient is unable to grasp the message, especially because of it’s inherent falseness due to wanting to only survive as illusion, we begin to understand the issue.

GP2C0176.jpgWhen we ask, whom is receiving the information, that ideally should be an open-ended question. If the false self answers, the answer will be quick and clearly in it’s best interest. The quality of asking the question without closing out at all on the answer, gives the true recipient, receipt of the message. Not answering with the mind allows the question to percolate slowly in the Self (where there is never any pushing or rushing).

The answer, ideally, is the ‘Isness’ of Self ( a non-thing). ‘That’ is not seeking but is already what is being sought. This is the true recipient and true starting point of Being. Losing the petty ‘idea’ of self and it’s aggrandizement, is revelatory in acceptance of whom we Are in this Moment.

The energy released from the ongoing manufacture of the false self and the sustaining and investing in the thoughts associated with all that, is tremendous. Relief is not from thoughts per se but from the idea of a ’thinker’. Liberate ‘that’ which needs no liberation. Be ‘that’ ‘always’ that is nothing and everything without even being a ‘thing’. “The Reality” has never left, period.

GP2C0140.jpgWhat Is Seeing through the five gates of the senses, Is before thought and form. What is ‘seen’ is not “It”. What needs liberation cannot be a continuation of the false self. It is losing the artificial doer, thinker, and identifier with the ‘pain’ of life.

The Presence is always abiding and is Being the message and the messenger without Being any ‘thing’. Identity starts and ends in ‘this’ Presence. Did you get the message?!

GP2C0179.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O

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