GP2C0239.jpgAwareness has thoughts. Thoughts proceed from Awareness, as does every ‘thing’. Thoughts are ‘things’.
‘Things’ are not sentient. The reality given thoughts is not Reality. Thoughts are extreme subsets of Reality imagined.

GP2C0248.jpgThe experiencer of thoughts can lend credulity to thoughts through belief. The credulity of thoughts is superficial and contextual. “We” is the context for all things. Things are content or contextual, in that their substance is loaned out from Reality. If the experiencer of thoughts is believing he/she is the thinker, then the identity of being a ‘thinker’ gives ownership to the thoughts passing by.

GP2C0190.jpgContrarily, if there is no ‘thinker’, then there is no mis-identity and thereby no ownership. Having seeming control or ownership of thoughts, creates a superfluous identity producing separation. Separation from Self is achieved on an ongoing basis by replication of false self through attachment to thoughts and the seeming need to control things i.e. thoughts.

GP2C0201.jpgThis an ongoing process of false self being replicated rather than a stabilization of identity as finished. False identity is never finished. There is not enough time left to finish ‘self’. The illusion of ‘self’ can never be completed as it’s illusory nature can never be consummated. Illusions shall persist as long as there is a belief that illusion is real.

GP2C0254.jpgIdentification as a ‘thinker’ or ‘doer’ dumbs down Reality by suggesting that the real source of thoughts is the ‘thinker’ or ‘doer’. In order for ‘that’ to happen, the source of thoughts, Reality, would be displaced by the false self as the source of thoughts. The pretense of being the ‘thinker’ is a lie to the Reality, which in truth, is the progenitor of every ‘thing’/non-thing, to include thoughts.

The ‘thinker’ believes that thoughts come from the false self, totally (Of course without a clear identification of false self). These thoughts create a reaction, desires and self-image that tirelessly requires supportive sustenance. This supplanting of Reality, this pushing away Whom We Are, is the result of the inserting of a non-existing self before all creation, seen and unseen. We are playing god and distorting time with this presupposition.

The result is contradictory in that we believe are the ‘thinker’ of thoughts while at the same time unable to control the thoughts we believe we have created. Depression, struggle, addiction, mental suffering, all are exacerbated through the identification as a non-existent self.

“There are two possible responses to suffering: one, to go outwards seeking relief in an object, substance, activity, relationship or state; two, to go inwards to the core of our being. The former may bring temporary relief, but the latter is the abode of lasting peace and happiness.” -Rupert Spira 

When we give up on the false self, invoking powerlessness, there is no longer a false identity to preclude the Reality from seeming obscuration. Reality never left even in the darkest hour. When there is no ‘thing’ to push Reality to the background, then naturally Reality’s Presence is felt deeply. Despair begets powerlessness. Powerlessness upends the supporting of illusion. As the conclusion dawns that there is no ‘thinker’, the path to The ‘Reality’, is revealed. The tedious travails and travels of false self-ness, dissipates like dust to a stagecoach in the wild west of the past.

In the Presence of Now, there is no ‘time’ to distort, to pre-suppose any ‘thing’. It is a matter of Being that Moment; every Moment; One Moment, where optimization of this field of no-time, can liberate illusion.

GP2C0266.jpgWe are the Awareness that has ‘Us’. The ‘we’ does not have Awareness. There is no ‘we’, just Awareness.

This Iz Daddy’O

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