GP2C0284.jpg‘Looking’ or searching for the inculcation of the totality of being, is an indicator of a coup d’état already underway. It is a struggle that can go on endlessly. When ‘looking’ from the coup d’etat programming, it appears to be a good idea. Ah, an ‘idea’. An idea whose time is in time and will never arise as truly being consummated, as long as the ‘coup’ is in the structure needing change.

However, Seeing the ’looking’ and the player involved, is quite a different matter. Seeing and concluding that ’looking’ or searching, is a problem and a redundancy, when that ‘thing’ that it represents is nothing but an imaginary ‘thing’, is compelling. Compelling because the ‘coup’ depends upon the illusion of an idea becoming real. Inherent in the delusion/illusion, is that it is not real. Paradoxically, illusion overtly expresses it’s unreality.

Coup d’états, by their nature, have a core concept that is sold entirely as a concept, because the current status is seemingly unacceptable. Spiritual coup d’etats are efforts to leave Presence to achieve something that doesn’t exist. And the storm of action that follows does not preclude extremism, from the menu of options.

That’s a lot of effort for an illusion, supplanted by delusion. Conversely, We Are already ‘there’ Now.

“Shi-va is ‘that which is not’ and Shakti is ‘that which is.’ They are two aspects of the same reality.” -Sadhguru

GP2C0378.jpgThe ‘coup’ can never succeed in ‘Being’ what it desires. It wants to be the formless ‘It’ while steadfastly continuing through as a false illusory self. The ‘desire’ is also a hinderance, displacing what is already fully Present. The ‘desire’ cleverly overlooks the presence of the Presence. Presence cannot be a ‘thing’ even if we want it deeply. ’Thingness’ would not be Presence if it showed up that way. “What Is Perceiving” cannot be found as a ‘thing’, no matter how desperately we may desire it.

GP2C0269.jpgThe core belief and problem is that realization of true identity, is not just another ‘thing’. This is underscored by the ‘illusion’ or false self, wanting to continue to pretend it’s existence, while contemporaneously proclaiming that it is no longer the false self. It is what the false self does to survive.

GP2C0327.jpgTo suggest a loss of the identity of the false self, is to directly go against a lifetime of conditioned thoughts that generated the current identity. Additionally, false self will subsequently claim any freedom from thoughts and fictitious identity, while basically remaining the same illusion. These so-called ‘our’ thoughts, will continue to own us and our identity, while searching for ’Truth’, as long as we identify the thoughts as ‘ours’.

In other words, false identity is looking for Truth, and as long as the search is expressed through the power and reality given these thoughts, progress is stifled. Losing ownership of the thoughts is key to liberation from thoughts.

GP2C0303.jpgBelief in ‘things’ (like thoughts) as primary and Consciousness as second string (to matter), is the issue. This is identity as object first and consciousness second, keeps us chained to suffering. Until we lose our worship of ideas and things being first, we shall continue making gods of false self and things, in general. Clarity is precluded because of the codependence on erroneous belief and the disdain for the efficacy of direct experience.

Direct experience ideally is not clouded by conceptual conclusion. The dependence on limited forms and false identity is ‘pushing’ past the no-form of Self which is constantly giving light to our Knowing. The Self is always Present as the effortless activity of Knowing, Seeing, and Being. It’s Presence is overlooked, often because it never changes and is perennially Present. It Is so obvious it is like It Is hiding in plain sight.

Direct experience of Self is not a ‘thing’ to be downloaded but rather the constant movement of “What Is”, through the no-thing of what may be called Awareness. ‘It’s” existence never ceases. To make it a ‘thing’ to get, is to lose it immediately, as this is when the illusion starts.

Awareness has every ‘thing’. ’Things’ have no Awareness. There is no noun in Awareness. It is like trying to hammer a nail in the sky. To dumb it down to a ‘thing’ is to not understand It’s undefinability.

Defining Awareness is trying to limit the unlimited. The vanity in doing that is ridiculous. Acceptance of ‘that’ totality, without conditions, is the ticket to freedom. The effortlessness of Being whom we Are is apparent when we drop the facade of looking for a ‘thing’.

Looking, finding, doing, is giving life to the replication of false self. This is because it is false self doing the harvesting. The ‘doer’, the self, the body-mind are conveyances not identities.

Beingness has never stopped Being our identity (if we can call it that).

Effortlessly Be. What Is perceiving always Is. See It first.

GP2C0329.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O

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