GP2C0431.jpgIt is whom We Are. It has always been. And It Is before and after any product called mind, thought, sensation or perception.

Our experiential observations tell us directly that ‘this’ Awareness is always Present. The collection of thoughts called the mind, will beg to disagree. Mind argues, distorting time, that it was first and has Awareness (Consciousness). Awareness has everything and Is everything, always without the need for time itself. Mind, which is thoughts, comes and goes, after Awareness.

GP2C0428.jpgTo suggest that only the ‘good’ can attain and have Awareness is a belief without foundation. To suggest that the idea of so-called ‘bad’ people not being eligible for full Awareness, is also fictitious and without the merit of evidence. Both pronouncements are presuppositions and ideas of how things should be. They are not ‘Seeing’ how things Are. Vapid ideas, not experiential exploration, connote this conspiracy.

GP2C0416.jpgBecause everyone believes in Santa Claus, does not really produce an actual Santa Claus. Ego and false self are much the same. Whom we think we are, is actually the ‘one’ making the spurious claims and subsequently cashing checks that bounce immediately. Virtual Santas and imaginary selves, both have no standing in self-inquiry. The rounding up of all the usual suspects is being marshaled by an imaginary self, that has it’s existence at stake, in making any conclusion about it’s non-reality. Talk about conflict of interest.

The ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ arguments essentially make an equally erroneous assumption, at the outset, that we are the false self. That false self is what is presumable ’good’ or ‘bad’. These are ideas stacked upon other baseless ideas. Fact is the ‘false self’ came after Awareness and is about as lasting as any other thought except for it’s constant replication through conditioning, belief, erroneous ideas and feelings. Thoughts are the mind in collective form. Although we cannot control our thoughts, we act as if we could. And we react constantly to thoughts we believe are ours.

The ‘false’ problem becomes more false.

Control, particularly institutional control, has also cemented the illusory self into our culture. The illusion of having control when ‘we’ are not even real, is played heavily by society to the point of institutionalization of belief systems further retarding realization of our true identity. For instance, we ‘think’ we have to ‘push’ to be successful. ‘Thinking’ and ‘pushing’ are more hallmarks of the false self than they are of Awareness. “If we don’t struggle then we can’t really be someone.” These ideas permeate the space that is effortless and before thought itself. Also, the culture of getting more, of a seemingly everything, has caused us to consume at grossly disproportionate levels than the rest of the world. Question is how will this all end? Will we ever get enough stuff? Should we continue the failed system of ‘pushing’ and ‘control’?

GP2C0449.jpgAwareness is not earned, no matter how many rosaries, japamalas, chants, or incantations we make. Awareness IS, before any manifestations of false self or credos of how to be ‘good’. If ‘It’s’ existence is eternal, how could Awareness have ever left? If ’that’ is whom We Are, how could we not Be It Now?

Over-identification with thoughts and our ownership of thoughts, have created the unreality that is obviously insufficient for long-standing happiness and contentment. Again, when we own our thoughts, our thoughts begin to own us.
In other words, when We Awareness, have gotten lost in the phenomena of reactivity, we no longer are informed to Source information/connection. The dream of false reality and belief in that reality, self-imprisons Us, to the point of only being able to ’see’ from the false reality.

Seeing that ‘it’ Is a false reality can only be seen “outside” of the false reality.
The false self will always claim any attempt at overthrow by identifying with it’s own ‘truthiness’ to preclude it’s extinction. False self will claim enlightenment as belonging to ‘it’, thereby preventing any awakening from truly being realized. This is the illusion throwing more illusion as a methodology for survival. And it works great.

Unless we ’See’ that ‘you’ cannot get out of ‘you’, the perseveration perseverates it’s tiny false existence. Abandonment of the story of whom we think we are, is the ticket for liberation. To hang on to any ideas as being substantive ‘us’ is to remain in the prison of our own making. The delusion is thick and seemingly long-standing. But Reality is really real and is infinitely more substantive despite not being a ‘thing’.

“Time is created by thought to accommodate the seeking/resisting activity of the imaginary separate self.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C0410.jpgAwareness Is our true nature with no manufacturing required. When seeking from a sleigh in the sky that is truly imagined, we can never find our Christmas. Our true Christmas is the sky that contains all the gifts of the Universe. The fairy tale that we have to be some idea, to be some type of self, is the limitation and belief that binds us to un-enlightenment via false self.

GP2C0425.jpgIt takes no time to Be. Pushing is superfluous as We are already ‘that’ Awareness Now. See from the fullness of Awareness, as ‘that’ is unbounded.

This Iz Daddy’O

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