GP2C0496Thoughts can tell me who I ‘think’ I am. But that is a far cry from whom I really am. Others think thoughts can say ‘this’ or ‘that’ about who I am. But ‘that’ is what they ‘think’ I am. Neither stab at the truth of ‘It’ can be established through the lesser vehicle of thought and thinking. Illusions are more apt establishments of what is created in these two attempts at definition.

Also, who is doing the defining in these examples? Is it the false self- created phantom of self? Or is it the undefinable, stating it’s ‘It-ness’ through Being, Silence and the fullness of emptiness?

GP2C0528.jpgNotice that self and others start from a ‘doing’. It is basically a start from hard structure called ‘things’. Things are an end product and certainly not the genesis of Whom we Are.

Having said all that, and having at this point experienced some perspective, why is it we ‘still’ allow the thoughts to have super powers over our Self?

I’m not the doer and I’m not the receiver.

GP2C0520.jpgThere is a plethora of activity in the false self generating a continuous false self. False self does not last. It does not endure in the dream state and does not endure in the waking state. Identities change in the dream state. In the waking state, any false identity must be sustained with effort and activity. Without this ‘pushing’, the false self falls flat, especially in the context of Presence.

The above struggle, is a sustenance made of activity because of the need for illusion to exist. Stop the ‘pushing’ and the value of illusion becomes apparent. The Self, which is not a thing posing as a continuous entity, does not need effort or artificial sustenance to endure. There is no push for identity because there is no need to be any ‘thing’ due to the ‘always-ness’ of It’s nature.

GP2C0508.jpgThoughts and the activity of identity around thoughts, is necessary for filler, for the gaps that invariably occur. When false self is not ‘doing’ itself into existence, then these gaps invariably reveal a dis-continuity.

The unity that connects these gaps is Awareness, seen and unseen. The mind knows nothing of Awareness. Awareness is the container of every thing/non-thing, to include the cluster of thoughts commonly called mind.

There can be no practice of Awareness as it is not a thing. The ‘knowing’ of Awareness is Awareness. If practiced, Awareness is then reduced into a ‘thing’ by the mind. If practiced, the mind starts owning/claiming Awareness, just like it does with any ‘thing’.

Being a ‘thing’ looking for a ‘thing’ is one bad cycle of frustration. When we the body, say we are not the body, we cement the deal with being the body. When the mind (thoughts aplenty) say we will lose the mind, we cement the viability of the mind. Thoughts as vehicle to a ‘prior-ness’, are loss leaders.

We cannot get out of ‘it’ when we use beliefs to cement that we are in ‘it’ and will remain in ‘it’. The ‘doing’ is always being done by the false ‘doer’. Surrender, surrenders the false doer and false receiver. What is left, just ‘Is’. Being ‘that’ takes no practice or will. What presumably needed to be liberated did not need to be liberated.

Right Now, everything is as it should be, assuming we do not reject “What Is”. Thoughts and the subsequent rejection of “What Is”, is the falseness in us playing God.

Right Now, what is seeing, is ‘Seeing’ without the necessity of thoughts, ideas, or beliefs. To try to find ‘It’ is to lose ‘It’. Who do we think we are? Some thing?

“Above all the grace and the gifts that Christ gives to his beloved is that of overcoming self.” -St. Francis

The knowing of thoughts, sensations, perceptions, is always ‘Knowing’ effortlessly. When we taste a caramel latte, we just taste it. We do not break up tasting into two or more things (e.g. subject/object), we just taste. There is no need for typologies. It is just the ‘Knowing’ through taste. Adding to ‘that’ is like adding to the Fullness of the Fullness. When ‘It’ Is every thing/non-thing, what can be added?

GP2C0514.jpgEvery thing/non-thing takes place in the unlimited and unquantified field of Awareness. Awareness is first because there is no second. It is all Consciousness.

This Iz Daddy’O

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