GP2C0562.jpgAwareness Is.

There is a breach from Awareness when we start with a ‘thing’ called self. The subsequent loading of more ’things’, can only generate a temporary manufactured plastic self. This erroneous beginning, then continues to need the ongoing replication of the idea of self. What is covered up, is the untested assumption that ‘It’ is not here.

Renewal of false self, as an activity, must occur, as there is only a fictitiousness and temporariness to self. False self’s nature is un-sustainable with built-in instability.

GP2C0547.jpgThere is clear evidence of a false self when there is a ‘need’ to constantly replicate this self. Thoughts, especially past and future thoughts, believed by Us, give additional unwarranted credence to an illusory self. Thoughts are no more permanent than an illusory self, which is thought-based. Where is the continuity when there is only illusion?

The tireless effort to maintain this charade is truly exhausting. The outcome is always an illusion that cannot be sustained without the continued seeming activity of affirming identity with more specious temporary thoughts that are truly lifeless temporary ‘things’.

GP2C0535.jpgThe sleight of hand, by the magician of the mind, is to have us focus on the diversion of the sustenance of ego. Identity, false identity, is believed to be Us. ‘Us’ in fact only lends or modulates Reality to this ‘thing’ called mind.

GP2C0584.jpgThe magical redirection is not supported by direct experience. The lending of reality and immediate subsequent claiming by mind, births a bogus-ness obscuring the prevalence of an eternal Now. Our so-called life is like a good card trick. Believable but unbelievable. It is lived in the unreality of a distorted time selection of past and future, gaming the game, while eschewing the Now.

Present time is a vulnerable field that can more easily unmask the false face we are pretending to be. Abiding in the past and future, although experienced in the Now, is a clear mis-direction of resources away from Now. When is it not Now?

Take for example, the ‘need’ to awake. Implicit in the statement, is the understood built-in delay of not Now. The ’need’ to awake assumes it will occur later, with ’Now’ not eligible. Making ‘awake-ness’ a goal, is making ‘awake-ness’ unobtainable Now. This is how quickly and adroitly the mind covers up Reality.

Awareness (or awake-ness) is available before the perception of time and is prior to ‘Us’ Being awake. Pushing for a goal, pushes ‘awake’ far into the distortion of the unobtainable future. Our first step is a misstep.

“In realising your true nature, your Self, you are opening to the beauty and magnificence of yourself beyond what your mind could ever imagine… Let go of all ideas, concepts and beliefs and rest right here in the stillness of this moment… Lean into the deep truth of Being and discover the present moment awareness that is you…” -Clare Blanchflower

The starting point always is the ‘Is’. It is not matter, mind, body, ideas, or beliefs. All those ‘things’ come after the Beingness of Awareness. Awareness of Being Awareness, is always the starting point. Awareness only knows Awareness. Not starting with Awareness leaves only starting with ‘things’. Mind can see only ‘things’. Starting with ‘things’ is a clear dead end.

Seeing this process reveals the futility of hanging on to the slippery slope of ‘things’ called thoughts. Seeing the backdrop of thoughts and listening to the Silence of the fullness of emptiness, is to lose all attachment to ‘things’. The aware ‘no-thing’ is ‘It’. No-thing and no-one can be Aware. The Suchness of Awareness, Is the driver in a driverless vehicle. To suggest that there is a ’thing’ driving, is to miss the point.

The backdrop is really the foreground as Awareness is always the progenitor. Identity with the faux foreground undermines the driverless vehicle metaphor. ‘Driverless’ can also mean ‘effortlessness’ and absolutely no-thing.

Be ’That’, effortlessly, as ’That’ Is already Present Now.

And Awareness always has Us.

GP2C0579.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O

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