Having a fantastic Moment, where the fullness of Self shows up, uncharacteristically, is deemed to be something that is desirable. This experience is in contrast to the ’normal’ state of repetitive and stressful thought-based reality more commonly experienced.

IMG_1308.jpgThe difference is staggering because the ease and effortlessness of life is realized, if only for a Moment. Most of the other moments are an exercise in futility with the complimentary need to escape to somewhere, somehow. To the hills, to the beach, to the Ayahuasca plant medicine, etcetera; so the burden of carrying the onerous load can seemingly be relieved. “I just can’t wait for that vacation!”

However, the escape mechanism is part of the problem because we never really escape ‘ourselves’. We want to leave that ‘me’ behind but, characteristically we always are compelled to take the same ‘me’ along. Sound familiar?

The escape plan is doomed from the very start.

Similarly, when we really do have that deep and profound experience, what is it that we almost immediately do, after it dissipates? Of course, we try to duplicate it with the same ‘me’ that seemingly had the experience.

However, what had actually happened in the true experience, was that that ‘me’ we are trying to get the experience for, was not present to interfere during the peak experience. True Self showed up.

In trying to get the experience back, because it was so delicious, and everyone said so, we step out of the immediacy of Now, in this seeking.

The experience is profound precisely because the claiming ‘me’, was not claiming in ‘that’ Moment. The Moment just happened.

The ‘real’ experience was without the little ‘me’, where the naturalness and freedom was abiding, naturally inherent and connected to Self.

Just wanting to relive the authenticity of ‘that’ experience is always going to be a fraud. First, it would be out of time from what is going on right Now. “What It Is” would have to be displaced from this Moment to rebirth a faux moment that cannot exist in this Now.The illusion of time shows up to accommodate this request. We lose ’The Moment’.

Other than the desire “To Be”, all other desires serve the false self. Serving the false self, means making ‘me’ a first priority.

The ‘claiming’ by the false self is the activity that tells us it is the false self that is replicating itself in the concept of time. The activity of replication is necessary in order for that illusion to continue it’s seeming reality. Once activity (e.g. pushing) stops, then the backdrop of Everything is revealed, naturally.

IMG_1302.jpgThe ‘claiming’ and the ‘pushing’ of the false self is the mental activity that obscures the silent and unassumingness of Self.

Artfully and characteristically, the false self will stoop to impurifying the knowledge of Self by claiming it is ‘that’.

IMG_1303.jpgThere is no ‘pushing’ or ‘claiming in the Self. Reliving Self through ‘me’ is not the Self.

When there is really only Now, there cannot validly be some conditional time zone. The conditional time zone is conditional on the reality it borrows from True Self. This modulation is a ‘thing’. There is no ‘thing-ness’ to Self.

False realities are identified with the instability of believing thought. Thought is a thing and not a god that deserves worship.

We Are not a ‘thing’ worshipping ‘things’ in the ‘thing’ called time. Mind claiming Awareness makes ‘It’ into an object.

Full surrender begins with Seeing the surreal-ness of things. What is left is truly permanent and forever. That Is Us without the need to replicate self or experience.

Adding content and identity to Awareness is not Awareness. Graven images of concept is false idolatry. Nothing can be added to “Fullness”.

IMG_1306.jpg“The belief that we are a separate self creates the feeling that there is a separate object, other or world. When it is seen clearly that the inside self is non-existent, the world as it once seemed to be, is also found to be non-existent. All that remains is the seamless intimacy of experience which is known as love.” -Rupert Spira

The desire “To Be” is subsumed in the actualization of Being. Even ‘this’ desire is superfluous in that We have always been Beingness.

Even if there is artificial displacement, the displacement of Self occurs in the greater field of Beingness. Beingness or Self, never leaves the premises of Itself.

IMG_1301.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O

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