GP2C0620.jpgTo believe that illusion is just empty space without impact, is not to see the practicality of illusion. Illusion takes up bandwidth.

The separate self displaces Self, seemingly. The ‘self’ pushes, by virtue of replication needs, thereby immediately shoving aside the innate effortlessness.


How could something (illusion), that is nothing at it’s core, do so much to Everything?!

Kinda sorta sounds like the “Everything” we Know naturally being “Nothingness”. It is like “Beingness” in reverse!

Our emptiness cannot be Emptiness when it is filled with junk (things). The constant movement of junk to create the false self, creates the need for time and separate space, obscuring True Self. True Self, being the eternal nothingness of everything, even accommodates this space junk (seemingly). The illusion does not effect the significance and eternity of True Self.

GP2C0629.jpgIllusion doubles down on density. Density being an over-commitment to ‘things’ to the point of only clinging to the seeming veracity of ‘thinking’, believing, and seemingly knowing these most important ‘things’. When we limit Ourselves by the importance of concepts, judgements, and opinions; we terrorize Ourselves with limitation, and with the consequent suffering to follow.

GP2C0641.jpgDensity does far more to preclude because it does not come from the infinite knowing of Being and the acceptance of the unknown. Density comes from the presupposition that we already know. It is a construct with built-in limitation as it is sourcing only limited illusory non-permanent phenomena.

GP2C0639.jpgHowever, Un-acquired Knowledge is always ‘there’ and available to Us given we do not automatically preclude it with the dis-invite of ‘knowing’ first. Since Awareness ‘has’ Us, we cannot have Awareness while playing the false god of knowing first. The false and separate self fears not-knowing. The false self having Awareness is truly a false start. An illusion cannot have Awareness.

GP2C0637.jpgNot-knowing is the starting point of acceptance. How could we accept anything until we let go of our hoarding illusory self? The obsessive-compulsiveness of false self, as troublesome as it is, is an illusion, that awaits our personal discovery. Not-knowing what we ‘think’ we know, aids and abets us in this discovery.

When we declare ourselves as the doer, the thinker, the meditator, we indulge in an obeisance to idolatry. This polarization is deeply buried in culture and the daily grind.

Dropping the virus of false self has no real technical support in most institutions, as the institutions themselves are steeped in it as well. Secondly, it is only our realization of the apparent falsehood that liberates Us. To hear the ’teaching’ is usually not enough. When we use a teaching to access our Knowing, we see the illusion. And We already Know Now.

The trance of the illusion is thick as a brick. Leave the dense brick of thinking we know, behind. There is no weight, no density and no illusion in not-knowing.

“I, Awareness, cannot be known as an object but am never not known.” -Rupert Spira

There is no outside causality, as We are both inside and outside. The separation of inside/outside and/or us/them, is an illusion; as Awareness has no boundaries except the ones we put in. We Are ’That’. There Is only ’This’.

The ‘doer’ is an illusion. When the trying stops the world does not collapse. Awareness always has our backs, especially considering when ‘It’ is truly Us.

IMG_1321 copy.JPGThis Iz Daddy’O

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