How do we broker space? Do we need our space? Is there not enough space? Do we have this discomfort of being cramped in our life? Are we like the pioneer Daniel Boone, where we always need more space? Is space important as ‘personal space’?

It appears that often we do not accept the infinity of space. But rather seemingly want to control this so-called space in order to feel better about it. Processing space, that is really a non-visual pun, by caging it’s inherent freedom and infinite potentiality, is futile.

What Is missing in the above queries, is the full ’acceptance’ of the beauty and wonder of space. To try to make it into something finite and under our dominance, is not to see how we perjure ourselves. Yes, we are ‘that’ space that comes first and subsequently allows the so-called ‘things’ to appear in it.

To ‘think’ that we control ‘it’, is to have thoroughly confused the basic starting point. That being, that ‘things’ are not a priori. Things cannot harvest or yield the infinite.

The starting point is the timeless infinite Awareness that channels It’s subtlety to thoughts, ideas, sensations, feelings, and harder realities. To suggest otherwise is to facetiously believe in make-believe.

We are not the effect. We are the Source. When we insist on the physical universe being created first, we choose the path of separateness. How separate is the universe? Can the universe thrive on separateness or unity?

GP2C0748 (1).jpgSpace is a metaphor for the Self that has no ‘thingness’ in It. It Is first, middle, and last, as it Is the progenitor of the whole enchilada. It Is the Formless and the form expressing, arising, and falling in It’s dance called life.
Space is the theatre where it seemingly takes place.

Space is not stratified. There is no higher or lower kind of places in Space. There is just Space and it is infinite and unbounded. Having stated this, it is too much to even call it a name or a concept. All names, all forms, all concepts are from the only One.

When we use space as a divider we are going directly against the universe. We are dividing the indivisible and creating a faux finite universe of distortion. The ‘unity’ is excised from the whole and with this viscerating, leaving incompleteness and a hollowness that begs for the unity back. Suffering is this begging to get back into the unity. Separated forms (separateness first) embody suffering.

GP2C0698.jpgTrue Nature is in all forms, regardless of any seeming recognition of True Nature by form.

When we honor our existence with the constancy of ‘I Am’ coursing through our form, we See the Beingness of Presence in the movie of life, regardless of any outcome. We honor our role in the movie but know it is only a temporary role we have given Ourselves as the director, screen writer, and actor. The spaciousness and blankness of the ever-present screen allows our play to transpire effortlessly.

Space is unified always despite the illusion of disunity. The screen is always empty regardless of what is playing on it. Even before the screen, is the Space. Emptiness allows fullness. Be ‘that’.

“All experience is pervaded by the light of pure Knowing. This Knowing pervades all thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions, irrespective of their particular characteristics. I, Awareness, am this transparent, unchanging Knowing.” -Rupert Spira

Unity is always the starting point of any and all Moments. 86,400 Moments (potentially) in a day. How many of these Moments begin with the eternal connection? In the darkness of separateness, Space abides still, recognized or unrecognized. If not seen then Unity can only be obscured. Even the seeming density of darkness, is given Space to abide.

This Iz Daddy’O

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