For the false self to look for the True Self, is comparable to asking an illusion to look for something. In addition, the illusion would be required to find a non-thing. Talk about an impossibility. That search is futile.

The illusion has a hard time existing and accepting it’s non-reality. It has to iterate itself constantly in order to broker itself as a seeming entity.

GP2C0824.jpgThe illusion is an ‘idea’ of identity. The idea of identity doesn’t exist but is required to find itself prior to Consciousness, otherwise ‘it’ is no longer a viable identity. False identity and belief in false identity, is the bedrock of the illusion.

GP2C0836.jpgOwnership of thoughts, ideas, sensations, and awareness itself, all are claimed by the mind. In order for that to be a reality, the mind would have to be the generator of all these phenomena. And the mind would have to be before thought. The mind is a conglomeration of thoughts which makes it ineligible to be prior to thoughts.

GP2C0857.jpgIf Conscious Awareness came first (as It does), then there would be no need for a silly illusion. Identity (Beingness) in ‘no-thing-ness’ is sufficiently permanent. There is no renewal process necessary for continued existence. The “Isness” just Is, in timelessness.

The need for an ‘idea’ of ourselves would only be limiting and finite.

GP2C0854.jpgThe illusion looks from a non-existing thing of an idea to ultimately find an existing non-thing that is watching the futile search. This can only be discovered when the false self surrenders the ridiculous ‘idea’ of self. False self cannot coexist with the fullness of Awareness precisely because this little self does not exist, ever. And it never really has existed, except in an illusory fashion. This is the waking dream.

GP2C0875.jpgThe Nothingness is first. Life is happening without the specious direction of fraudulent ‘ideas’. There is no struggle in life because there is no need to Become as We already Are. And We have never stopped Being.

GP2C0835.jpgThe no effort of Being means that identity was never lost, found, or needed To Be. The obsession to Become can only be found in the illusion of false identity. Becoming is done.

GP2C0872.jpg“From the viewpoint of the earth, the sun comes and goes, whereas it is, in fact, always present. Likewise, from the viewpoint of the body and mind, our essential nature of pure Awareness comes and goes, but, in its own experience of itself, it is ever-prese

nt.” -Rupert Spira

Be The Moment. It Is all Moment all the time. When we lose the falseness of our ‘idea’ of ‘me’, we See that We already were all ‘that’, before, during, and after the realization of Self.

GP2C0878.jpgSelf is the Nothingness that never left.

This Iz Daddy’O

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