GP2C0903.jpgNothing is something but without form. Nothing is always empty but seriously full. The “Fullness” comes from the nothingness of infinite potential. And the form that is birthed, is always emptiness at it’s core.

Nothing never leaves the infinity and eternalness of Nothing.

GP2C0892.jpgThe ‘form’ is described scientifically as atoms moving in micro-space or in another word, ‘formlessness’.

GP2C0894.jpgSpace is a metaphor for “Formlessness”. “Formlessness” is really nothing and not even an idea. “Formlessness” Is. The noun-ness of “Formlessness” is only a typology attempt. The dynamism of “Formlessness” would more appropriately be summoned by using a verb, as it Is a constant activity of Being, i.e. existence incarnate.

GP2C0905.jpgThe forcing of a location of “Formlessness” in time is an accommodation made to understand ‘It’ as some ‘thing’. The no-thing of “Formlessness” includes time and space. “It” is eternally Present without leaving a trace. Just like ‘nothing’ would leave no trace. However, “Nothingness” is never not everything, to include time and space.

GP2C0895.jpg“You can never run out of nothing” means ‘Source’ is this ineffable nothingness. Ergo “nothingness” has a characteristic of unchanging eternity. Whereas change, uncertainty, and impermanence has a home in ‘Form”. Two distinct energies on the surface but really the same energy. The difference lies in the ‘waking dream’ being perceived as real. The ‘dream’ is the Form. The ’Seeing’ of the dream is the Un-seen (Awareness).

GP2C0897.jpgThe belief and identity attributed to the form of our body, is a direct theft from “Nothingness”. The basis of whom we are is truly “Nothingness”. To suggest that we are less than that is to deny Reality. Being a ‘thing’ is something that is significantly less than ’nothing’. And that would be an illusion.

“In ignorance, I am something; in understanding, I am nothing; in love, I am everything.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C0901.jpgThe starting point and the endpoint is always
“Nothingness”. To create a false sense of self is to aggrandize an illusion through the constant effort of replication and affirmation.

GP2C0902.jpgIn contrast, ‘Beingness’ is effortless. What is more clearly apparent is the futility of impermanence in struggling to maintain this illusory self. “Nothingness” has a no-maintenace cost despite It Being Everything.

Be Free. Be effortless Now. Embracing the unknown is saying yes, yes, yes to uncertainty and the permanence of change. Be ’That’. See the beauty of “Nothingness”.

GP2C0906.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O


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