Are we clear of all that other ’stuff’? Or are we not there? What is stopping the flow? Is it ‘us’? Yes and no.

GP2C0912.jpgEven the little ‘us’ is Us.

It Is ‘here’, that the difference does not exist. It Is ‘here’, where there is no other. That Is the starting point where ‘It’ never really even began, as ‘It’, always was.

GP2C0919.jpgTime is a construct necessary for designing the dualism. The movie is already in the can. The novel is already written. The aria is already sung. Time is in the story of life, not in It’s happening.

GP2C0913.jpgWe are actors who follow the direction of the Source. The film, opera or novel is already written. We just imagine we are acting it out. We just imagine we are in control. However, moreover, and whatever, it is a done deal.

The struggle and suffering are written in the script, libretto, and/or plot. Our reluctance to accept ‘It’ is also scripted. The alleged ‘doer’ is only alleged. The ‘process’ does not need a ‘doer’. The Source is the process of Being (without the aid of time or doer or thinker or feeler).

GP2C0920.jpgPick up the dvd, the opera, and/or the novel and ‘See’ ‘it’ Is already completed. It can ‘Be’ no other way. Where it collapses is in the dualism not in ad “vaita”.

Our “Acceptance” is already there except for the splendid blocking and identifying with illusion. The activity of the mind is the constant heavy lifting of false self. The illusion of false self cannot be maintained through silence of mind and the ‘not’ affirming of a created illusory self.

We regurgitate the ‘idea’ of self through the non-stop belief there is some ‘thing’ there. If ‘there’ was anything more than an illusion ‘it’ would not need this ongoing maintenance. What freedom is ‘this’? This is imprisonment by self in order to seemingly be self.

GP2C0921.jpgWe refuse to let go of seminal beliefs and ideas because we truly believe ‘them’ to be us. The experiential testing of what we are not, past the point of intellectualizing, is imperative to ‘See’ the prior-ness of Being. That is, Being without a form. And the Beingness that leaves behind the fleeting imaginary form.

Accepting the starting point of every thought, feeling, sensation or perception as Being is acknowledgement and acceptance of “What
Is” without qualification (of more ideas).

In every Moment the opportunity exists to Be or not to Be, depending on letting go of the manufactured falseness of the vagaries of self-ness. Being takes absolutely no effort. Effort is the diagnostic clue that we are forcing or trying to do the ‘Be’. There is never any pushing in Awareness and Beingness, and by definition, this freedom cannot have any effort.

GP2C0925.jpg“A thought is not self-employed.” Mooji

Full and total acceptance of “What Is” is effortless when we ‘See’ what we are not. That liberation is liberation from the struggle of falseness. And there is not even a scintilla of a push to let all that go. Identification of an illusion will take absolutely no effort to lose.

GP2C0923.jpgThe starting point is effortless in every Moment. Starting anywhere else is the making of artificial density and struggle. Each Moment is Full and awaiting our acknowledgement/acceptance. The Prior-ness Is always Present irrespective of the idea of time. Be ‘That’.

GP2C0928.jpg“I Am” complete as ‘I’ can ever ‘Be’ right Now. Accept ‘that’.

This Iz Daddy’O

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