Can a thought ruin your day? How much destruction can thoughts reap? Are we in control of our thoughts? Think again. But don’t think.

GP2C0933.jpgWhere are you now that you are not thinking?
What is ‘not thinking’? Awareness. Awareness is between thoughts being the backdrop to every thing.

Where are ‘we’ located? In Awareness or in thoughts, ideas, and conceptual-ness?

Our relationship to ‘our’ thoughts and our relationship to thoughts in general, can easily have a direct stormy impact on our quality of life.

GP2C0930.jpgWhen a thought owns us what does that mean? The consuming activity of ownership blocks out other options, to include peace of mind. We are typically driven by a thought and we cannot say otherwise. Try as we may to resist, the delinquent thought has us. We are virtual prisoners of even just one thought. That is, as long as we give ‘this’ thought’ power. Without funding the thought through our belief in it, ‘it’ is powerless.

However, the powerlessness will of course persist because of our ongoing ownership of our thoughts. We cannot let go of thoughts because these thoughts presumably give us meaning, importance, and seeming control. What a lie. This lie, is a lie we tell to ourselves constantly throughout the waking state; 365/24/7 ad infinitum.

Not unlike some political talk, the lies are not vetted by experiential testing. We assume their veracity for no good reason other than they, the thoughts (or opinions), are ours. Thereby, an egregious error in identity, continues it’s replication, day-by-day, unchallenged.

GP2C0938.jpgJust the realization that the thought is only a thought coupled with the fact that ‘this’ thought is ours only because of the ‘m’ and the ‘y’ we place before it, can immediately cancel it’s effects. The illusion stops being an illusion when it is seen as an illusion. Thoughts are not real vis-a-vis reality experienced.

When we give power to thoughts, we must also understand we can turn the power off. Without Our Reality, thoughts become irrelevant, at least as far as a driving force.

GP2C0941.jpgAwareness and Consciousness are first and prior to the masquerade that thoughts present. The origin of all information, to include the pixilation of Reality, is found in this Formlessness.

To suggest we are our thoughts and that thoughts guide us, is to subjugate ourselves to the peripheral and not the substance of Nothingness. ‘That’ Nothingness is the Source that cannot be named. ‘That’ Nothingness is 99.9% space even when ‘things’ are manifested. Nothingness maintains It’s purity even when seemingly solid, per current scientific thought.

Having our identity in thoughts, restricts our timeliness, openness, and access to Seeing and Being the Source of thoughts. The Presence of Awareness is not over-focused on self because identity is not placed in the noun and container of temporary manifestation. The same Awareness abides in all things without bias to include our present vehicle.

GP2C0939.jpg“Happiness is simply the knowing of our Being as it essentially is – its knowing of itself. The apparent overlooking, veiling or forgetting of our own Being is the root cause of all unhappiness.” -Rupert Spira

Allowing our real identity to verb and Be, accepting everything without restriction, is True Being. To Be the Source of thoughts does not mean we get less information and more struggle. The converse occurs effortlessly due to ‘that’ Source, being our true identity and nature. Thoughts simply cannot contain the infinite information possibilities of Being. Thoughts alone, driven by false identity, cannot harmonize with the Oneness that does not over-identify with any thing (or noun).

The process of Being is without location or place or noun-ness. ‘It’ Is the ‘Is’. This is a threat to the mind that believes ‘something’ is needed. Being nowhere with nothing to grasp, is the mind’s attempt at throwing insecurity (and more thought) into it’s idea of no-thing to hold on to. The mind is stuck on things because it is an illusionary thing.

GP2C0936.jpgBelieving and chasing an illusion for a lifetime without a requited outcome, is futility. Moreover, It is sadly too much to miss Everything.

Beingness is full without needing ‘things’, to include obsession with thoughts. Being Everything actually includes thoughts but without their exclusionary identity.

GP2C0937.jpgBe free. Be the Happiness.

This Iz Daddy’O

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