GP2C0971.jpgA more integrated energy, where dystonic vibrations are significantly reduced, is more desirable in music, mechanical balance, and the human body among other examples. When there is a reproduction event going on, then the harmonies and disharmonies in both mechanical and biological fields, will get passed on as more duplication occurs. Distortions will invariably get amplified.

In human beings, vibrations of dystopia and disharmony yield a less desirable result for the individual and the planet, as these appearances are phenomena not Source. Source is without occlusion.

GP2C0969.jpgThe constant refreshing of the manufactured self in the moment, is an ongoing mechanism of mind being mind. Mind is essentially a pattern of thoughts/thinking. It is, in each moment, up-dating conditioning with the addition of biological and sociological genetics. Choice comes from these two factors giving the appearance of free will.

The mind or the ‘other’, is where false identity is stored, with the proviso of the necessity of constant renewal. The illusion of self must be manufactured constantly through foundation-less belief and affirmation – hence, a struggling existence (dukka).

A ‘doer’ is created with no actual ‘doer’ ever found (as illusions are illusions).

Belief in the ‘doer’ creates an artificial starting point, with separateness as a key attribute.

Separateness is then committed to being supportive of dis-unity, to wit, separation.

GP2C0977.jpgOn the other hand, coherence is naturally, effortlessly, found in a unified field of awareness and being. The starting point of coherence is unity first with diversity as an expression of the unity. The wave is always part of the ocean first. The ocean is never lost. The wave gets lost merging into the ocean effortlessly, having never lost it’s ocean-ness.

Separation is an outcome of disharmony and naturally feels bad due to it’s pronounced out-of-synch-ness (distortion). The field of unity has seemingly broken down and needs to regroup. In other words, we need to ‘See’.

“Awareness – the intimacy of our own Being – cannot be known as an object, such as a thought, feeling, sensation or perception, and yet in all of these it is Awareness alone that is truly known, just as the screen is never found in a movie, and yet is all that is truly seen.” -Rupert Spira

The density that characterizes separation is, to put it bluntly, driven by the need for ‘certainty’ when there is only ‘uncertainty’ as the play of the Universe. This pushing for certainty goes directly against the grain of the infinite creativity of Awareness Itself. ‘That’ is not coherence. ‘That’ is oppositional behavior.

GP2C0978.jpgIn contrast to the fighting against what is implicit and natural to Being, is the ‘acceptance’ of “What Is”. “What Is” has nothing to do with approval or disapproval. It has everything to do with accepting the ‘aliveness’ that can only be ‘aliveness’ in the non-creation of illusions to sustain a fraudulence of existence. ‘Aliveness’ is complete, coherent, with pure uncertainty in vivo.

Acceptance ‘is’ without the need for control, as acceptance has no need for control. It’s coherence with the unified field of existence as it is, is enough. It is the difference between heaven and earth.

Abiding in energy fields replicating ideas of separation versus abiding in an effortlessness of no need for control, is a matter of ‘Seeing’ not doing. The ‘doing’ drops when we ‘See’ the utility of coherence.

GP2C0976.jpgCoherent energy is not needy. The fullness gives it away.

Be ‘that’ effortlessly in the spaceless space and timeless Now.

There is no density or incoherence in the transparency of ’Nothingness’.

This Iz Daddy’O


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