To suggest that we do nothing, gives rise to offensiveness, when ‘doing’ is the go-to idea for the success of society. Societal norms clearly dictate individual effort for both the success of the individual and society in general.

GP2C1009.jpgThe question arises, (if we hold off on mindlessly reacting), at whose behest do we do something or nothing? This is an elemental question because the result can lend itself to either degrees of narcissism or selflessness.

Depending on what we ‘believe’ our identity is, the outcome will have a direct and predictable orientation.

GP2C1012.jpgWe may ‘presumably’ act on the welfare of society while in reality the majority of our efforts are clearly in support of separation and self-aggrandizement.

To actually state that our efforts are for self and not others first, is honest selfishness. To state that our efforts are for society first, as most politicians do, is dishonest selfishness. In either case, our belief says we own these results, because in both cases we believe ourselves to be the ‘doer’. The ‘doer’ is the false self. Believing this illusion separates us from life Itself.

GP2C1008.jpgSelflessness is brokered when the realization breaks through our seeming identity of really not being the ‘doer’. This is a rare occurrence as exemplified by the scarcity of individual examples prevalent at this time and in the past.

Individuals whose identity is known to them as truly based in Formlessness versus form, understand selflessness is well beyond intellectual understanding. Intellectual understanding alone is untested mettle. When belief in the doer is seen to be illusory through experiential understanding, only then can release from selfishness naturally occur. Until then, there is a faux understanding that will continue to cling to false concepts and beliefs through a false self, resulting in unnecessary conflict and suffering.

GP2C1000.jpgDifferent degrees of narcissism can only continue to occur until beliefs and identity are adjusted to Reality. Reality has no individual ‘doer’ just as Nature does not have a solitary ‘doer’, and just as our bodies do not have a centralized ‘doer’ doing autonomic tasks.

GP2C0998.jpgAlarms go off when the ‘doers’ in us hear this. First alarm, “Oh I guess I’ll just be doing nothing then!” Nature doesn’t stop it’s doing. Our individual bodies don’t stop their highly specific functioning. And finally, the things that we think we have done, we have done through up-to-date programming and genetics. Our choice was determined by our conditioning. Free will is only the appearance of free will.

The 2nd alarm is, if I am not the ‘doer’ than who am I and who is doing the doing? The ‘Doer’ is the One that is always Present effortlessly seeing, touching, tasting, smelling, and hearing, never turning off and never turning on. It Is Beingness Itself, forever Present.

GP2C0996.jpgWhen we realize that we cannot transcend illusion with the created fantasy of being the ‘doer’, we then accept the Reality of life being lived through us. The false self that can never be found at any time. It’s existence is a ‘doing’ based activity. To stop the ‘doing’ is to stop the false self from replicating.

GP2C0995.jpgFor the false self to do nothing is to take away the only meaningful job it seemingly has. This is going against the grain of societal norms and individual comfort; that is, doing nothing.

If life is coursing through us all the time, ‘that’ doing never stops. People who have given up the ‘doer’ do not subsequently give up their bodies or projects per se. All continues, but without the mis-identity of constantly affirming the nonsense of ‘self’. Identity shifts to the Formless while the form continues on a more effortless path without the unnecessary struggle and suffering.

“When doing slows down, the thinking that is at its origin is exposed; when thinking dissolves, the feeling that is behind it is uncovered; when feeling subsides, the Being that is at its heart is revealed.” -Rupert Spira

“Knowing” the ‘Knowing’ is Awareness being aware of Itself. Awareness and Knowing are always Present as ‘It’ gives seeming reality it’s reality.

GP2C1007.jpgWe are not a noun. We are not the activity of replicating a noun. There is no noun-ness in Awareness because It Is before ‘things’. Awareness is the Knowing of Everything.

There is no-one Present to do anything as Everything is the Source and container of all activity that is already completed. Doing ‘nothing’ is allowing and accepting the omnipresence of Being -our true identity. That is on whose behest We Are Being.

This Iz Daddy’O

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