GP2C1028.jpgPushing is over when we let go and sink. Pushing will keep us from sinking. Sinking is letting go effortlessly and hanging out with the “What Is”. Fulfillment is here. No rushing presides at this depth. Acceptance abides effortlessly.

GP2C1037.jpgThis a description and not a prescription for ‘doing’.

GP2C1036.jpgThe ‘doing’ process is for the mind. Accessing the “What Is”, is beyond ‘doing’ and the limited mind. Falling into Self with no clinging or fear, is the trust alignment that is always there. It is significantly better than some thing like a net catching us.

GP2C1038.jpgIf a net catches us then we have only let go long enough to immediately return to the land of ‘things’ and virtual limitation.

This is for Real. Reality is unkind to illusion. Illusion is a bad salesman from the aspect of Being. But that clarity aspect of Being is never available when we cling to the presumed safety of a proverbial net. The ‘net’ is the issue. The ’net’ is the illusion. The ‘doing’ is doubling down on the illusion.

The best act is typically the act with visceral danger where the acrobat can truly plunge into an unforgiving abyss, ending any presumptive temporal idea of safety.

There is nothing to cling to, except for the ‘Nothingness’ which is Everything. It Is like making the Unseen Seen when we lose the density of any and all ‘things’. ’Things’ take up too much bandwidth of identity and noun-ness.

GP2C1040.jpgThe activity of Being Is. The existential question is not a ‘matter’ of ‘matter’. It Is a matter of ‘no matter’. ‘Matter’ literally gets in the way when we believe that dream to be Real. We Are the dreaming. We are the activity of dreaming . . . the dream. The existence of the dream is that it is only a dream -it is not real except for being a real ‘dream’. The activity of dreaming is real.

GP2C1022.jpgThe existential-ness of ‘Being’ as an activity in timelessness, cannot be a concept, in that It’s essence is not a subject/object. ‘It’ has no start or finish. There Is no diminishment, ever. There Is no finding ‘It’ or losing ‘It’.

GP2C1023.jpg“Meditation is neither an activity nor the cessation of an activity. It is to abide knowingly as the empty, open, allowing presence of Awareness, in which all experience appears, with which it is known and, ultimately, out of which it is made.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C1024.jpgSimply and unabashedly, ‘It’ Is. All illusions can be found in ‘It’, without being ‘It’.

Sinking into Everything is Seeing that Awareness is first and the activity of dreaming is second. When We wake up, we realize nothing ever happened. Sound familiar?

GP2C1030.jpgThe stability of ‘Being’ is that ‘It’ is in the permanence of constantly happening without actually landing in time or space. Time, space, energy, matter are all part of the duality. The duality is the play of consciousness. The Source becomes aware of the Source. Everything Is Source to include the duality, which is contained in ‘Everything’.

GP2C1026.jpgGoing back into Source is not going into time/space. Sinking into Nothingness is Everything. Potentiality Becomes effortlessly, as It Is It’s nature.

GP2C1033.jpgWhen we let go of everything we ‘think’ we know, the emptiness shows up and gives space for Being.

GP2C1034.jpgMoving from intellectual, to experiential, to rebooting our starting point as no point, is the emptiness of being all directions, to wit EverythingGP2C1035.jpg

Starting and ending with Awareness is as natural as natural can Be. Releasing the ‘pushing’ allows contentment to abide, liberating the seeking from the ‘seeker’ to the Presence that is always Present Now. Sinking deeply accesses what is prior to ‘doing’ and all phenomena.

This Iz Daddy’O


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