GP2C1063.jpgThere is no ‘doing’ surrender. ‘Doing’ surrender would make it a ego-based generation of activity. Surrender would thereby be immediately taken over and compromised. The ‘claiming’ by the false self to be the freeing of self, would show up immediately. ‘Doing’ is what the false self always does first. ‘It’ pretends to be ‘not doing’ as it ‘does’ because that is all it can do.

‘Doing’ is the virtual activity of self due to it’s necessity to exist. Without ‘doing’, the iteration of self ceases. Constant ‘doing’ gives self it’s existence. The replication of a false self must go on for there is no real false self. False self is clearly unreal except through ‘things’ like ideas. False self is the unnecessary supplementation that states, with vigor, “I have to try!” “If I don’t try then there would be nothing and I would be a slug.”

GP2C1066.jpgThese ideas and arguments justify the false self while dismissing Being. The seeming logic is supported by a dis-jointed belief system. Utilization of believing is clearly typified by having no foundation. Inherent in beliefs is doubt. Ideas are incomplete models at best. How much of an un-real self do we need to see demonstrated, than this?!

GP2C1065.jpgWe can never truly surrender under these circumstances due to the false conclusions still being perceived as real. The illusion cannot get out of the illusion when ‘it’ believes it is not an illusion.

Surrender by ‘doing’ is defeat at the very outset. There is nothing ‘real’ to surrender. Seeing the un-reality vacates the need to ‘do’ surrender. ‘Doing’ surrender is not Seeing the un-reality. Belief will continue to undermine ‘Seeing’ until belief is ‘Seen’ to be colluding. Again, belief is, to use a military term, Bravo Sierra.

GP2C1062.jpgWhen it is understood and inculcated, that surrender is the understanding that false self can never surrender, then the war is won at that point; that is, of experientially knowing the limitations of false self. Intellectual knowing is not enough as it is too conceptual.

GP2C1054.jpgUnderstanding that surrender is “The Way”, means that we know whom we really Are. The false self is a clear pretender. Awareness that is the Totality, is whom we Are immediately Now and forever and even prior, due to It’s timelessness. To suggest otherwise, is to continue to believe in delusion. There is no ‘believe’ in Being.

GP2C1060.jpgTo continue to support the imagined ‘doer’ and it’s activity of ‘doing’, is to not See clearly. There is no ‘doer, thinker, meditator, feeler, or other ‘thing’ that we feel we might be.

GP2C1053.jpgAttachment with ‘m’ and ‘y’ to thoughts, clearly promotes the ‘doer’. The vacating of the divine Self begins with the claiming of ‘mine’, when ‘mine’ is never really any thing real.

GP2C1051.jpgWhen there is realization that the illusion, despite being an illusion, is actually part of the dream of Totality, then there will start to be the realization that everything is Everything. At this clarifying Moment, the separation activity naturally begins braking. At this point, the starting point of Being Everything, can resume.

“All that is experienced is experience, but there is no independent self that experiences and no independent object, other or world that is experienced. There is just the experiencing of experience, and it is ‘experiencing’ that experiences experience.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C1047.jpgThere is no pushing allowed in surrender just as there is no pushing in Beingness. ‘Doing’ is pushing. Pushing is over the top when there is nothing to do. ‘Claiming’ is a form of pushing. Claiming pushes the replicating of the illusion and the hijacking of Self through obscuration.

Unless we See the activity of self, we will continue to be the illusory self. The ‘claiming’ needs to be seen as the integral activity of the false self. The claiming/identifying, immediately undermine any movement out of self. Immediate replication of the illusion will occur unless we see ‘that’ as a false claim. ’Seeing’ this activity is essential to seeing the process of creating illusion. The illusion, if witnessed by our Awareness, is busted. If the illusion claims to be awareness, and is believed, then the game must continue. Belief in identity is the lynch pin.

If most of our resonation is with Awareness, Awareness will naturally prevail. Conversely, if most of our energy is not invested in Awareness, illusion will prevail.

GP2C1050.jpg“Understanding” is not a ‘doing’. “Understanding” is knowing whom we really Are. Thoughts are seen as no longer ours and naturally drop off as the interest is not there, as the belief in thoughts, is no longer there. There is nothing to ‘do’ because there is nothing to surrender. Understanding is the key. Being just Is.

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