GP2C1067.jpgIs our reality ‘the Reality’, or is it a poor imitation? Which reality are we really looking at?

How do we know an imitation?

Our manufactured illusory self is telltale, in that it is a thought-based domination. The perseverance of thoughts, give us a strained existence and clear prevalence over a ‘non-pushing’ Reality.

GP2C1069.jpgThoughts are reliably dominant if give ownership, ergo creating a clear distortion of Reality. The severed connection to Reality results in the loss of accessibility to Reality.Reality is before thoughts and pretty much not extant, when thoughts push themselves in, unabated. If Reality was accepted fully, then the mis-identification with thoughts as ‘mine’, would not be present. ’That’ falseness cannot coexist with Reality

The necessity of placing identity into thoughts, thus begetting personalized thinking, starts with the fraudulent mortgaging of ‘Us’ to thoughts. Owning thoughts reciprocates to thoughts owning us. Our interest is only ‘seemingly’ there because we believe our thoughts are ours.

GP2C1074.jpgThe big presupposition, is, that we are the generator and owner of thoughts, rather than the eternal totality Being the source of Everything. The outcome of pre-supposing self before Awareness, results from the process of claiming by the ‘other’ (false self). Also, as a result of this brokering, subservience to the duality of time occurs, and is another benchmark of the illusory self. The playground of ’time’ is the dualism necessary to process the ‘dream world’ of day-to-day existence.

GP2C1077.jpgConventional time is necessary for the waking dream state. To use another metaphor, the movie playing on the Eternal screen is the basis of the fictional self. “Screen” time needs this artificial linear time-thing to adapt the Eternal Now to the big screen of life. However, the dualism needs to be seen as dualism. The “real” time of Now always goes on, even when the movie is playing. But ‘in’ the movie, time is made linear in order for the artificial movie to be produced.

GP2C1070.jpgMoreover, the actors in the movie ideally will know when they are playing their roles with the associated timeframes and when they are off camera in the Now. Ideally the Now is acknowledged by the actors, on camera and off camera. Playing the role does not mean that connection to ’Now’ is necessarily lost. Connection to ’Now’ is lost when the actor forgets who she/he Is. The ‘role’ is the temporary persona for the stage, except when it isn’t.

Losing ownership of thoughts creates the freedom to ‘See’ the bondage. The bondage is merely created by the falsehood of uninformed deep-seated beliefs. The ‘doer’ and the ensuing circus, starts it’s performance of suffering through life, with identity as the character in the film.

GP2C1078.jpgThere is no ‘other’. The ‘other’ or false self persists at the expense of Reality, which we support through mis-identity. We lend un-reality our Reality, unknowingly.

Creating an ‘other’ makes sense only if we are misguided as to what the process really is, underpinning that un-reality.

When we pour and distill The Reality, that is ever-present and eternal, into the small idea of a dualistic self, we immediately limit Ourselves. Believing we are the temporal body, believing we are the owner of streaming thoughts, and believing we are some ‘thing’ (that can never be quantified), we create the false identity that demands effort and affirmation to persist. This false identity creates a subsequent distortion in dualistic time, to suggest it’s viability. It presupposes it’s existence as being prior to Beingness. The ongoing process of claiming every thing, thought, idea, experience, and sentience, as the ‘owner’, defiles Reality. Again, the limitations remain limitations, as long as there is an ‘other’ doing the claiming.

GP2C1079.jpgThe metaphor of the unsullied movie screen is the Presence that is always there, witnessing and Self-Aware. Playing the movie should not obscure the Reality of the screen. The movie is a temporary movie to be enjoyed and not believed as real.

When we continually pour misinformation and distortion into the idea that the character we play, is really real, we begin to believe the fiction as Reality. Filtering out Beingness with fantastic ideas of self, results in the loss of undisturbed peace and tranquility, especially when watching (witnessing) the drama of life. We pour into the false self, a false identity, causing unnecessary separation and suffering.

Seeing the process of claiming and replicating of the false self, is the key to liberating from the overlay we have imposed on Ourselves. Once the illusion is viscerally seen, then our clarity increases. What remains, is what was always there to begin with, unchanged just like the movie screen.

“Don’t be a seer; be the seeing. To be a seer is to be someone, somewhere; to be the seeing is to be no one, everywhere.” -Rupert Spira

DSC00279.jpgPeace never left town. It was there before the movie began, during the movie, and after the movie. Lose the filter. There is no ‘other’.

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