The ‘doer’ seems to ‘do’ everything, yes? The ‘doer’ does things, allegedly because otherwise things would not get done. If ‘nothing’ were there, then logically it would represent ‘nothing’ getting done, according to the conceptual mind.

DSC00299.jpgWe have a ‘belief’ in the ‘doer’, yes? If we didn’t believe in the ‘doer’ then we would not let the ‘doer’ ‘do’ just about everything. It is noteworthy that the ‘doer’ does have a hard time ‘doing’ sleep, as sleep requires no real ‘doing’.

DSC00301.jpgOur belief in the ‘doer’, as the king of ‘doing’, also makes it the king of identity. Mis-identity is most prevalent in the idea of employing a ‘doer’ that cannot be dispensed with lest we go to rot in a hot second of non-doing. What a bunch of croc!

Having a ‘doer’ essentially means we have upended the origin of existence as conscious Awareness and replaced it with an after-effect called ‘doing’. When this worldview and belief system is in place, we have compounded our suffering enormously. The equation of effortless Being is supplanted with a lesser vehicle at the end of a lesser process, that is mind-controlled.

DSC00309.jpgMuch like the ‘doer’ cannot replace the enormous process of controlling the autonomic functions of the body, the employment of the ‘doer’ would mean we have dumbed down the optimization of ‘life’ doing Us. Once we start to control the infinite intelligence that Is Everything, we cannot help but reduce quality and effectiveness of Perfection Itself.

Sticking with the body as a medium of doership is compelling because our interference is felt immediately. Letting the body do it’s job without interference of the ‘doer’ is the accessing of the wisdom within. There is really nothing but the proper default that seemingly does things effortlessly, unless calloused effort interferes.

DSC00297.jpgStructural Integration, commonly referred to as Rolfing, is a therapeutic process that readjusts the plumb line of an individual, to the natural optimum. Accidents, overuse, injuries, and the weight of life itself, cause a distortion in the body that result in the plumb line of stacking the pieces of the body together, to distort.

Realignment with gravity changes the vectors of a distorted body to reverse from a downward direction to the effortless upward direction.

“The mind, body and world wake and sleep in Me – the light of pure Knowing – but I never wake or sleep in them.” -Rupert Spira

Having personally engaged in this therapeutic transaction of Structural Integration, numerous times, has given me some insights. One of these just occurred relative to the concept of personal doership.

Having succumbed to a deterioration of an ankle and lower lumbar region, I availed myself of the remediation called “Rolfing”.

The outcome of the session was powerfully present. Upon being asked to leave the massage table, my body moved to accommodate the request. “I” did not move my body. Repeating, my body moved to accommodate the end of the session.

Asked to stand, my body went into compliance and stood as ‘my body’ desired to stand. If “I” would have ’stood’ then ‘that’ standing would represent what “I” wanted and expected. However, the “I” was silent and did not interfere.

All the movement was sourced from the wisdom of the body. It was clear to the observer in ‘me’ that “I” would have done things differently if “I” was in charge. However, the body moved and stood as ‘it’ wanted. The “I” seemingly assented and let it happen without interference.

It was then that I clearly received the experiential knowledge of ‘no personal doership’ relative to this body experience.

DSC00306 (1).jpgPrevious to this, I understood the ‘doer’ as a concept. This now was visceral reality that was talking Now.

The realization that ‘the body’ carried much more weight in optimization of the body than “I” could ever hope for, was glaringly apparent.
There was no reason to interfere as it would only deteriorate the result.

Having a ‘working’ understanding of personal doership through the vehicle of the body, allows a more clear graphing of this understanding to develop in other areas where doership is inappropriately abiding as king.

Since the ‘body’ is with us for the duration of this life, it ergo becomes the teacher of connection to the Source that knows effortlessly.

Reaching from the body to reframing identity and other false beliefs, gives an access point that is stable and grounded in form and formless. Again, having the irrefutable experience of ‘not’ interfering with optimization, allows the parlaying of other asleep aspects of doership, to be upended upon investigation and introspection.

Letting the body stand, effortlessly, is really the proper non-method, to Be. Typically, when there is too much effort, clarity of ‘that’ effort becomes the diagnostic that something is amiss.

Optimization of Self is Self, not self. Personal doership is not real. Being is always first, with the ‘doing’ being life Itself, performing through the vehicle. Our allowing or our interference, determines flow/no flow. Our identity or our mis-identity, determines allowance versus interference.

DSC00304.jpgThe body is standing Now.

This Iz Daddy’O


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