DSC00438.jpgLiberate the idea of a thinker, doer, feeler, or any other ‘thing’ we ‘think’ we identify as. DSC00372.jpgMistaking the temporary foreground as more relevant and the background as non-existent, is the problem. DSC00371.jpgWhen ‘It’ is only the formless backdrop that ‘Is’ always, first, is recognized in an experiential knowing, then the ‘Knowing’ is acknowledged. DSC00333.jpgSee ‘that’ effortlessly ever-present.

DSC00373.jpgDSC00353.jpgDSC00357.jpgDSC00368.jpgDSC00362.jpgDSC00365.jpgDSC00364.jpgDSC00363.jpgDSC00349.jpgDSC00341.jpgDSC00370.jpgDSC00439.jpgDSC00404.jpgDSC00403.jpgDSC00394.jpgDSC00390.jpgDSC00391.jpgDSC00392.jpgDSC00393.jpgDSC00386.jpgDSC00385.jpgDSC00384.jpgDSC00383.jpgDSC00382.jpgDSC00398.jpgDSC00400.jpgDSC00401.jpgDSC00467.jpgDSC00448.jpgDSC00459.jpgDSC00457.jpgDSC00435 (3).jpgDSC00434.jpgDSC00433.jpgDSC00422.jpgDSC00421.jpgDSC00420.jpgDSC00419.jpgDSC00417.jpgDSC00418.jpgDSC00411.jpgDSC00410.jpgDSC00409.jpgDSC00408.jpgDSC00405.jpgDSC00412.jpgDSC00330.jpgDSC00458.jpgDSC00454.jpgDSC00456.jpgDSC00381.jpgDSC00482.jpgDSC00380.jpgDSC00395.jpgDSC00396.jpgDSC00356.jpgDSC00355.jpgDSC00359.jpgThere is no dreamer just the dreaming of the dream. Happy burn!


This iz Daddy’O

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